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February 03, 2008



nice layouts and have fun at the big game LOL. You know me I will be watching the big game and yes a nice big screen to watch it on should be mandatory. Take Care


Hey Laura...love the layouts! I really love the blue & white polka dot flowers. I never get sick of looking at your work. I hope you have fun at your Superbowl Party.
My husband is so depressed it's not the Steelers!!


I love that collage- do you do that in Photoshop or PSE? I have PSE 6 now- I wonder if that will work?


Great LO's Laura! I can totally understand how hard that was to make that collage. I've done LO's like that where I had to look up tons of pics (like the children's first year).
Love the MM flowers!

danni perez

awwwh, these are adorable. lovin {your} the primary phase.lol
i was crackin up at the "copying" thing.i can so see my boys saying that."he's copying me!".hehehe.kids. gotta love'em.

Laura T.

Love the layouts and love the idea of doing "what they like" right now layout. It will be fun to look back on in years to come.


I can appreciate all the hard work you put into that collage....only cause I have no idea how to do that & wish I did!! Both LO's are FANTASTIC (as usual). Had to laugh at the girls accusing each other of "copying answers". That's sounds like me & my sisters when we were younger! LOL!!!

Hope your Superbowl party was fun!


cute layouts! I saw Trace at Pak n Sav last week. He actually bumped into me when I was walking past. I said hello and smiled. He's gettin' big.

Heather Ruwe

Hope your party was fun! Mine went great. Scrapping with the gals was much better than watching the game. :) Your layouts turned out so cute.


These are both so cute - love the primary colors - and i never would have taken the time to do that big of a collage - so kudos to you! It looks great!


those layouts are GORGEOUS!!!


WOW WOW WOW I just adore your first layout here Laura ... gorgeous colours (you do primary colours so well) and the design is fantastic, worth all of that time putting together that collage for sure as it's so striking. I love how you've used the scalloped Bazzill too ... I often struggle with that shape, but what you've done with it looks great. :)


Love these layouts - I could never use those colours so well. Love how you've used the scalloped card and embellishments, especially the flowers and buttons.

Erika Follansbee

I appreciate your collage! :) I know how long those bad boys take. That's awesome to have a layout with everybody pictured, it IS cute!

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