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February 07, 2008


wendy sue

Okay, at the risk of sounding like an idiot...what in the heck is EVOO??? And can I come to your house for dinner? ;)

Love your layout -- those are some of my all-time favorite MM papers - and such fun photos again! :o)

Heather Ruwe

Love all the detail on your layout and I will take any leftovers from your yummy dinner! lol


Sounds so yummy! Love to hear about the kiddo's and their funny adventures and I really love the layout and so glad you did not get rid of those great photo's.

Sasha Farina

any leftovers??!! darn I'm hungry.. and tell Alyssa... come over here for real experience of Singapore!!! We just lost our "icon' today.. Ah Meng the Orang Utan died from old age. :( sad news...


So glad you added that you added the edit because I was thinking, "What the heck is EVOO? A rub?" lol Yummy, that dinner sounded good! It's only 9:52am and I'm ready for lunch.

Miranda is just starting to crawl! She's been going from tummy to sit up and spins around in a circle but wasn't going anywhere. That kid is just about to be super busy. And finally sprouting teeth galore too.

Off to eat a snack. lol


And the layout is fantastic! Love the journaling stamp.


I'm assuming the younger of your two girls is the one in the hat ~ can you see that spirited little smile from a mile away!?!?! Such a cute LO and I love the fun colors. You make me want to go scrap right now. I told myself I would finish both the kids' soccer albums (from day 1) before I start something new so I better get going - I want to play with some new colors.
Sounds like the kids keep you busy but you have fun, fun, fun w/ them!


Love the LO Laura. THe pics are totaly adorable! Thanks for sharing.


Not only do I want to scrap with you now I want to come for dinner too! LOL!

Great colors on the LO! Those pics are really cute of the girls--even the ones you were going to delete!

BTW-- I tagged you on my blog!

Maggie Holmes

love all the layouts laura! i don't know how you do it all! i can't keep up! lol! i wish i could be better at scrapping just for fun! why do i always end up surfing when i should just make a page! :)

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