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February 26, 2008



The girls are TOO funny about the toilet paper - observant too! I love all your tidbits and they will be fun to look back on!! Can't wait to see some new creations with the new MM goodies you just got ;)

Lisa D

Too funny (about the toilet paper!) Hey, good luck with THE NEW KID!!! ;)

Sasha Farina

*grins* thanks for the chuckle Laura :) I needed that after the long day I had..

Sasha Farina

*grins* thanks for the chuckle Laura.. I needed that :D

Laura T.

Too funny --- I love that kids just say the darnest things.


So funny what kids will say. I love the way they say what ever comes to their little minds and don't worry about how someone is going to take it. So sweet, I wish I had done this when my girls were small I could have published a novel LOL.
Have a great day!


Rofl! Love the TP comments. And the drippy Nikolas!


They are hysterical! Sounds like they're "traumatized" with the toliet paper!! Great comments!

Kate Hydorn

That is so funny! Love the toilet paper remarks!


You are way too funny. I was shopping with my best friend a few years back and she was looking for TP...she said, "Can't buy the Charmin brand, it leaves all those little white balls on you". She is very blunt!


oh my gosh . . . you've totally given me the giggles . . . :D


You just made my day with all of those funny comments! Out of the mouths of babes...and men! Penny


Don't forget to get soda too!

Erika Follansbee

ha ha! Sounds like that TP was pretty controversial. Cute quotes!

Heather Ruwe

I always thought the best thing about babysitting was that every day is different! Kids say the funniest things! lol Thanks for the share. :)

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