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February 05, 2008


kristan martin

You're not the only one!


Wow you did well out of a sheet of paper. Great layout and cards - love the colours too :)

wendy sue

Wow! These projects are just so happy!! I love the fun color combo and all of the little touches you added - such talent!! :o)

Rachal Perry

Love it all Laura, the stamping looks awesome and your layouts are just yummy. Makes me want to buy even more stamps.


Great layouts!! Love the card so much too. See, your a natural stamper. I couldn't wait to pop in and see your layouts.


I love what you did with the stamps! This motivates me to use of the many acrylic stamps I have bought!

Heather Ruwe

You have definitely got me in the mood to scrapbook! Those stamps are so cool. Jennifer is such a sweet girl. I get to hang out with her b/c she is a fellow Cincinnati girl. Again, LOVE the layouts and cards! :)


I really love the yellow and the stamps! You know I love stamps! Yellow is not a color that you see much on LOs but you worked it girl!
I love the idea of cutting up stamps and putting them on a LO, it certainly is a challenge using them but you did it!
I have a LO on my desk now that I started (it even has the picture on the right like you, I swear, but got I stuck. I might have to use some stamps. Hum?
And I love the cards. The last one would be perfect for a child's b-day as well!


I gotta add another comment:
Oh my goodness...I just realized that when you said, Jennifer, you meant THE Jennifer. It didn't click. Gawd, I'm such a fan of hers! Have you met her?


You sure make a sheet of paper go a long way! GREAT stamping! That heart idea is fantastic! It looks like you took that pic with these papers/colors in mind! LOVE it --as always!

danni perez

omg i love jennifer's work.
what an honor. girl,you are hot! congrats again.
these are so adorable. love the cards!

Annette Scholtz

You make me want to stamp!!!! sooo nice :)

Lisa D

Erin Terrell AND Jennifer McGuire? OMG Laura, you know two of my favorite scrappers! Now, if you said you knew Ali I would just about DIE! :)
This layout is totally cool. I love everything about it. Colors, design, everything.
YOU are SO in my list of favorite scrappers.

cari k.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new LO's!!!

Laura T.

Love your creations --- oh so inspirational. Are the little rub-on letters from KI also (I adore you)? I love that font.


Way too funny I am the same way when it comes to giving cards away (like I really need to keep each one.
Great layout and cards and love the technique you used on the hearts, I may just have to scrap lift that one.

Julie - iamstmpin@aol.com

Love all the projects! Especially love the way you used the heart stamp and punched holes! I thought it was polka dot paper! Stamping is a whole other addiction!


I love how creative you are!! And not a lazy scrapper at all!


SUPER cute again!! I'm just lovin' everytime I check your blog you have eye candy to look at! I have a room full of stamps but I don't stamp in my scrapbooks (just cards) - no idea why. I keep saying it's because I have so much of each it would be even more overwhelming to comibne them. My other excuse is the ink didn't used to be acid free. Now I'm out of excuses as my SUp rep says ;)

BTW ~ another cute LO on the MM Insider titled 'Spunk' - you have such talent!


Laura, I always love your work! Awesome awesome awesome! :D

Erika Follansbee

I just realized that the Jennifer was Jennifer McGuire...WOW! :) That stamp is so cute and I absolutely love how you used it. You're on a roll!


hey, I love that birthday card. it looks especially lovely sitting on my desk. ;o) lol Thanks for sending it!

but...maybe i should send it back bc you like it so much? hugs, ~e

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