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February 27, 2008



I really understand what can be the problem when having a problem with hair. It is such important and for a women it is more !!! I hope that everything is going to be good, and to keep the totallity of your hair, you have to change yourself and be less stressed : easier to say than to do, i know.
Have a nice day
Karine from france (sorry for my awful english)


Since I'm new I didn't know about your hair - you look great in the latest lo's with your family! I hope once you sleep on it (the haircut idea, not the hair), you'll know what to do in the morning. If you aren't sure, you should wait - it's easier to re-schedule than to regret a trim.


OK, you can see where my mind is...your title made me think it was some great scrapping news...I would skip the appt and let it keep growing, you can always reschedule...keep us posted!

Sasha Farina

Skip it Laura! You can make another appt later if you need it.. :) Fingers crossed for ya girl :)

Laura T.

If I were you, I would skip the appointment. Can't wait to see the picture of you with curls.


I say save the $40.00 and skip the hair appt. and Yay for you!


YEAH I'm so pleased for you ... it's things like this that really help to make us girls feel better (or not) about ourselves, so I hope you're still happy with it in the morning too. I would still go for the haircut ... might help even more. :)


Gosh laura, I didn't know about your hair problems. I'm sorry...but I'm glad that all is well! Can't wait to see a pic!

Marilyn Cline

Okay, I'm going to go against the grain, and say KEEP the appointment - everyone's hair needs to get the splint ends trimmed off! Your hair probably needs just a little professional attention, and if that little bit of attention causes your *curl* to go away, then it was going to go away anyway. I'm so glad you have your old hair back - please show us a picture!! And at least get the splint ends trimmed off!

danni perez

so glad you found your curls again!
i would save the dough,and see what happens.
girl,i don't know how to spell mousse either.lol

kristan martin

Oh my gosh, I totally understand the hair thing and am so glad you've found a style that works for you! I struggle with my hair all the time and it's a super bad point right now where I've relaxed it and now it's super unhealthy, dry, brittle, etc. Oops! I've got to wait forever before it grows back healthy. For whatever reason hair is so important and it stinks when you're not happy with it so I'm hapy for you that you're excited about your new style!

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