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February 28, 2008



Glad you passed, your hair looks CUTE! The new pics outside look great and your eyes pop w/ that green sweater!!

Looking forward to see what your sharing tomorrow . . .

Rachal Perry

Yep love the hair Laura. You look absolutely beautiful and your eyes are just gorgeous. Don't worry, I'm not hitting you you. lol Enjoy your weekend.

Erika Follansbee

Your hair looks great! It's awesome to have a style that takes no time at all.
That's a funny way-back picture, is that the WONDER WOMAN spread you're signing?? LOL!

Laura T.

Your hair looks great --- and so easy to do, right!

Enjoy your weekend!


Your hair looks TERRIFIC! The pics with the girls are cute! They did a GREAT job taking the shots! My hair gets curly like that too but I wear it straight. I think I re-visit the 90's BIG hair when I go curly so I stay away! LOL!! Will be watching for the new LO!! Wanna see these pics of you & the girls scrapped too!


Well, very happy to see that you look so well and beautiful, even if for me it doesn't matter if you have hair or not, what is elementary is that you feel good in your mind... (I do not know if it has a sense in english). The photos with your dauthers are so cool that I want to make same with my sons in my garden ! lol
Have a great day and hoping that your hair are going to grow very quickly.
Karine from france

wendy sue

Cute hair!!! You look great! And the fact that you feel cute is the cherry on top! I wish I had an ounce of natural curl to my hair.

Okay, your daughters are soooo talented. Cute cute pictures! :o)

maggie holmes

laura - i love it! it looks so cute! and great that it is so easy!
btw - i am so intrigued by the fact that you shower at night! it is so interesting to hear about other people's schedules and how they do things! i guess i just never thought about doing it at night, but seems like a good idea so you don't have to do it in the morning! i just don't know if it would work for me cause my hair is stick straight but gets kinked a lot when i sleep..... hmmmmm.


You look great!!

And, I recognize that other girl...LOL!


I am so excited to see you in the photo's! I will seriously have to come have you take a few of me with each of my girls.


You look great Laura and your girls did a good job taking the pics!! The hair looks great too!
I love the autograph picture...that's too cute. You're a supa-star!
Oh, and BTW, I got the Embellish Magazine today. You didn't tell me that you had the first LO in there! I was oohing and aaahing and saying, "She didn't tell me she was right up front". Congrats on the LO's!!!


LOL! those were the days of being rich and famous! Er... maybe not rich, but definitely famous! Er... maybe just famous for a few minutes! Remember how loud I had to yell to teach that class? ARGH! That was not fun!

danni perez

cute pictures of you and the girls.
look at you; you're a celebrity.


Love the hair - when i grow mine out - thats what i have to do -diffuse to get some curl because i don't want to take the time to straighten it. It really does look great! I wish i could go that long without washing too - i'm maxed at 2 days! Saw your layouts in Embelish last night - super cute! I'm in there with you!!


your hair looks super cute! and how great that's it a "quick and easy" style"...LOVE it! :)

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