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February 25, 2008



Too funny Laura, I love Super Nanny too and yes it does make you thankful for the children around you.
Can't wait to see your making memories creations I know they will be great!

wendy sue

Too funny about Super Nanny - ITA though...it makes even my kids seem like angels, lol. Can't wait to see your new haircut - I just love a fresh cut - makes everything seem so much better - seriously. I need to get out my new MM stuff and play...maybe later today... :o)

Laura T.

Wow that is a lot of TV to watch. I have actually caught up on all my taped shows.

Funny comment about the Super Nanny - I tell my son that I'm going to call her too on occasion.


I can't even imagine having to umpire in Feb...its beyond my comprehension!
Love Keisha's stuff...you know i do. And to day is her b-day, so you all have to go and give her some love.
My DVR gets filled up too, I had to delete the oscars because I wouldn't be able to tape American Idol tonight.
Can't wait to see your projects!


LOL, LAURA...joann's had them-check...maggie rosks the heart too!!!
I love all those nanny shows...

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