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February 19, 2008



Great Lo's Laura. Looks like a lot of work;)
You've been busy. I love the goofy faces LO . Crack me up!
Man, I remember those tags (the "z"). Tell me, is it AL? I can't quite put my finger on it.
Thanks for sharing, love to see your work.


OK, I answered my own question. I was looking at the AL website earlier tonight and had it minimized. I was just closing up the tab when I saw that product right on the front page. LOL!!


Cute stuff!
Your girls always have the cutest swim suits! Totally inspiring prints...


Love that first layout Laura ... I wouldn't say it looks simple AT ALL ... love the colours and the circles especially. And good for you doing a double ... can't remember the last time I did one either!


these are all wonderful, Laura! Just love those zany photos...and love the design of all these...such fun stuff!!! Keep 'em coming!

Erika Follansbee

I just love that Swim layout, with the red white and blue. So striking!! And their bathing suits are SO CUTE and you chose perfect papers and colors for them.

And a 2 Pager!!! WOW!! That looks great.


Loving your layouts Laura. I too haven't done a double layout in ages - I can't remember the last time!

wendy sue

What?? These are "simple, easy layouts"?!? They are all amazing - love the silly faces! You are so good at choosing the perfect colors and accents for every photo - always! Love them all! (Glad you liked the font, even enough to use it on a layout -- now I need to do that!!) :o)

Laura T.

Great layouts --- wow a two-page layout for you. THAT is something different.


your pages are awesome! Thanks for posting!


Ok Laura now I want to take the girls to your brothers pool for some awsome photo's and then into his movie room for some movie night pages think he will mind? LOL


hey! love that swim lo . . . and i'm so lol at the girls telling you there's no sand or waves on it . . . i'm kinda literal that way too. :D

two words . . . slow down! you're making me feel like the slacker i am! :D

love your ki challenge lo . . . yay ki! :D


These are always the best ones it seems - the ones you don't try sooooo hard to perfect! I love all 3 of them!


Lovin' all your LO's especially the fun family ones - too cute!! I was cracking up when you said the girls made comments about the sand and beach - critics ey :) I've pretty much always done two page lo's so looking at your work is inspiring to try and do a one page once in awhile - thanks for sharing so often!

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