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February 29, 2008


wendy sue

Love it! :o)

wendy sue

Love it! :o)

Heather Ruwe

I saw this today on the MM Blog and wondered who designed it. I should have known it was you...it's gorgeous! :)


This is YOURS??? No WONDER I LOVED it so much!!! I printed it out so I could lift it for pics of me & Joe!! I should just know better that all the ones that catch my eye are your AMAZING works of art!!


gorgeous lo! love that you framed it! :D

and fabulous hair! you look maaaaaaaaaaaahvelous! (i got mine into a ponytail today for the first time in almost a year . . . so liberating). :D


Love this and the frame is perfect!

Sasha Farina

OMG Laura... this is priceless! might have to life you some day...!! I will show u if I get this done :).. have i told u that I love you? LOL...

ps : I think you look gorgeous now!! Right now.. I think the length of your hair suits you! Perfection!


Annette Scholtz

Lovely!!! Saw it on the MM blog this morning! So gorgeous!

danni perez

cute, going to check it out over there.

Erika Follansbee

that is a BEAUTIFUL layout project!!! WOW!


this is STUNNING, Laura! absolutely love it!

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