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February 10, 2008



Wow Laura gorgeous photos. Quick stop here this morning but I'll visit back later. Love all the new stuff! I'm buying more than I can scrap!

Laura T.

Great layouts --- I too love that passport line. I may have to get some of that for when I finally do my album of Europe.


Just have to say that it is so wonderful. Photos are beautiful and with such talent in scrapbook them, they rock!!!

Heather Ruwe

Your work is fabulous and the new product is so yummy. I am having such a hard time picking which stuff to buy for the store. Thanks for sharing! :)


Thanks for sharing! Love seeing your work in the CHA booths. You ROCK girl!


I saw your LO in the booth! Congrats!


hey Laura,
There is a you tube video up for the "Slice". That's a great little gadget!


Laura you do not cease to amaze me with your fabulous talent! You totally ROCK the MM stuff!! Are you getting a "Slice"?? That looks so COOL!! (THANKS Carla for the video link!)


How cool to have your LO on display at CHA ~ SO cool - congrats!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop and linking to some fun sights to check out. I love your LO's as usual and I can't wait to see all the new stuff. I don't know how store owners can resist anything at those shows!?!?!?!

Rachal Perry

Hey Laura, I don't know if many know this but you can view the whole entire new CHA stuff that's coming out for winter 2008 if you go to MM's website, then go to About on the top, press in the left hand side, image bank on the top and it will bring you to a drop down box, (products category). Go to CHA Winter 2008 and it gives you the new collections, each in they're entire glory.As for stuff that I have to have, well it's all of it. lol


Gorgeous layouts Laura, especially love the first one - I need some Animal Crackers goodies :)

I too can't wait to get my hands on some of the new American Crafts and Creative Cafe.

danni perez

these are all so adorable laura!
can't wait to see the new stuff irl.


oh wow! That chica in the "Bahamas" layout is super hot! :) LOL!! Your work is great! :)


oh yummo! how gorgeous is all that new MM!!! *drroooollllll*

and he is such an adorable little munchkin!


such eyecandy here laura...my girls would be so jealous of all the webkinz your two dd's have, lol-shhhhh!!!


oh my goodness, so cute!
i always love your layouts, laura :)

Erika Follansbee

What cool new product, and I loooove what you did with the travel theme! So cool! I saw it in the booth on their website, that's awesome. You make this stuff look GOOD. :)

wendy sue

Love it. All of it. You are amazing! :o)


FANTASTIC stuff, girl!!!
You totally rocked all the new MM!

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