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February 06, 2008


wendy sue

oooh, I like the new colors! I wonder if there's a way to get better colors in blogger...hmmm....

I think you should teach - if you enjoyed it and you miss it! I'd know I'd love to take a class (or 90) from you if I lived in your town! :o)


Bummer about saying No to Scrapbooks Etc ... but good to be in demand!

I think you should go for the teaching ... you could give it a try and see how it goes ... I'd take your classes FOR SURE! :)


I hope you teach again! I would love to take a class from you. I like the new colors. Love the brown.

Have you tried renting from Red Box at Savemart? It's $1.00! They have tons of movies, even new releases, and you can go online to see what boxes in town have what movies. Jason & I got tired of paying a first born child for a couple of movies. lol Super easy to do.

I forgot to swing by this week! I'm sorry. Maybe next Tuesday?


Again I have to say how much I love your random posts. How about teaching an on-line class. You know you can do the kits ahead of time and you could reach so many of your fans!


I noticed the color changes right away but thought "where they always these colors??" Glad to know I wasn't losing my mind!

Love the random-scrap full post! I think it'd be great if you taught at the LSS!! Just think of your "legion" of fans!! LOL!!

Also think it's great that your work was wanted by 2 different magazines! Just pat yourself on the back & smile--you deserve it!! You ROCK!!


Thanks for the RAK giveaway Laura. I'm so excited!!!
I love the turquiose font. I use that lot of my blog. Its my favorite color!! I have lots of CS in turquoise from Stampin Up.
Sorry about the Scrapbook Etc turndown...love that magazine.


What a great feeling to know you are wanted - both for teaching and your lo's - that's awesome!! Not that I have any idea where you live but I don't think we have a Savemart around her so maybe your not in CA ;) Love your surprise RAK - congrats Carla!

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