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February 24, 2008



Awesome LO's Laura. It probably feels good to get them done. And you did a great job of fitting all those pictures.You can check that off your list now. LOL!!!
thanks for sharing.

Wendy Sue

You are a scrapping machine, my friend! I love that you finished so many layouts with LOTS of photos on each of them! Can't wait to see what you do with the new product too! :o)


A few double lo's and you got a lot done - that's what counts! It's fun to check out old pics and remember back :)


No matter what your style is it's GREAT!! Love ALL the LO's! Great 2 pagers too!!

The camping pics are super funny. I am NOT a camper what-so-ever----I like to be pampered thankyouverymuch!!! LOL!! Can't wait to see all the new MM stuff you got-hint hint!! LOL!


awwwwwwwww . . . love seeing the girls when they were little! :D


Nice to see the two page layouts from you LOL. I know you think they are not that great but take it from someone who thinks they are really great they are.
Have a great week and can't wait to see what you come up with, with my favorite Making Memories products.

Annette Scholtz

Camping photos seriously cool!!!! Great pages! Have to go camping so I can do a camping page!!!lol

kristan martin

Well I must really be out of it because I have NO idea what your'e talking about, I think these are all great. Love the style!

Heather Ruwe

I love looking through old photos. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome pages. You are on a roll! :)


Frankly I don't think I have ever seen you take a "crappy" photo and I happen to love the multi pic two page layouts! Great job as usual. As a matter of fact I may lift a few.

Laura T.

You go girl, especially creating a few two-page layouts. Wow, scrapping pictures from years ago, haven't done that in awhile. That is a great challenge though.


You are totally on a roll. Doesn't it feel good to accomplish that much in a short time
? I was just going through old pictures last night and thinking that I need to just get them on a page. So far behind.

danni perez

wow, that is soo cool that you went back and scrapped old photos. i am planning on doing that when i go on my next retreat in july. only old photos.i can't wait.
you did a great job.

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