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March 28, 2008



I love the way you organize everything in your scraproom. I would like to be so! I do not have a lot of space (just a little corner in my bedroom), and it is really apocalyptic when I scrap, I put everywhere, and after need to clean. Hoping that someday I will classify albums like you do.
Have a great week-end.
Karine from france

Carolyn E.

congrats ladies!
Thank you for sharing! This is great!
i started sbing with CM albums and they are organized by year. this past year i stopped sbing with CM albums and i've had some problems finding a really good album...i bought an AC postbound and i'm currently putting 2007 in that, i also have an AC 3 ring modern album that has my "A Week In The Life" album that i took from Ali Edwards (& i love the options of diff sized pages). Of course both stick out further than the CM...but i'm not going back and taking them all off the "white" page and redoing them. I'm going to finish putting 2007 in the AC pb and have it sit with the rest of my albums before making a decision, which hopefully will come to me!
Love the metal ringed tag idea...i made my own tags, i printed out rectangle tags with the year and/or title on them and paperclipped (w/ color coordinated rectagle clip)them to the spines. But they don't stay put most of the time, might do the binder clip idea!
Question: Are all of your albums from MM?
sorry so long!


Totally loving the new way you are organizing your albums and I have been wanting to do mine since I first saw Stacy Jullians albums in her Big Picture book. Someday. I need to order the American Craft Albums now.


Don't you just love the look of the albums with the tag labels on them? I took Stacy's LOM class last year (her book is based on the class) and changed all of my albums and added tags to them and I love the look. I have a baby picture of my kids on their younger albums and an older picture on their older albums (used medium sized MM tags), then I just used alpha stickers for the others and used cardstock that matched the album covers as the background on those albums. I have been working on a Christmas highlights album (never did Christmas pages before, believe it or not) and for the tag for that album, I used a reduced picture of one of our xmas trees in an oval MM tag. I used black and white poka dot ribbon on all of the albums. Just thought I would share - love seeing all of their little faces when I sit at my desk everyday. Have a great weekend!


OMGOSH!! The album label tags are so fabulous. I want to go home and do that! I hate having albums lined up for the SAME reason. Love, love, love it.


I love the tags with the clips on the albums. What a great idea. You have a LOT of albums!!! Thanks for sharing this.


You've been super busy organizing! I love the album clips to let you know what's in them - such a great idea - thanks for sharing! It gives such a uniformity even when they are in different colors - which I love all your colors. None of my albums are organized that way (I used to just buy what I liked) but I really like the way it looks on a shelf - classy! I have one binder type album and it does stick out longer than my other ones but the ease of adding in a page (since I do like to have them in chrono. order) makes it a breeze. Thanks for all the tips :)


Oh and I forgot to mention in my previous post - I'm going to have my daughter start coming to your daycare just so I can have you scrap a page of her *wink* - your work is so great!!


LOVE the tags on the albums! I was soing mine a different way but wasn't thrilled with it. Gonna have to try this on my post bound albums. I have a few of the AC 3 ring albums & the WRMemory Keepers albums & love them!

BTW---I know I owe you a bunch of emails...sorry!!


Must be universal consciousness thingy, but was going thru some Scrapbook Trends magazines and saw your girls. I didn't even need to look at the names.

Thanks for sharing your organizational stuff...I think I do that more than scrapbooking.

Susan D.

i've been wanting to put tags on the FEW albums that i have...i love the way they look on your shelves. i so need to go find that book. it's been so long since i've bought any scrap related item or even scrapped for that matter. maybe this will get me going.


Laura - I just stumbled on your blog and I have to tell you I love your studio!!! Amazing......and I love the tag idea on the albums too! What brand are those albums you have in different colors? Are they MM? I am thinking about going to a theme based color system but I want to pick albums that will be around for a long time. I have a friend who uses CM albums and they discontinued all the colors she uses for her children so she is in trouble now and I don't want the same thing to happen to me!


I love what you did with the tags and the clips on your albums!! Great Idea for labeling them like that!!


I can't believe you got all that done!

You are definetly getting some photo freedom.
Doesn't it make you feel to accomplished?

Great Job

danni perez

that is a great system for labeling your albums. funny because i was just talking to a girlfriend the other day about starting to use the ac albums too. i used to be totally against three ring binder {for some reason}, but now i think i want to start using them.
let me know if you buy one and love it or not.
either way, i gotta do something, because i have tons of lo with no homes.

Susan Todd

me again! I have been ordering the Stampin' Up! albums with the rings, and love them. MUCH easier to put stuff away, and no fussing with the posts. they are covered in linen, not too many color choices, but with the labeling.....makes it easy to find which book you want.

wendy sue

Wow!! You are so organized. Please come to my house and HELP me!!! ;o)

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