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March 29, 2008


Carolyn E.

Super neat idea! I bet it will be great to have all of your journaling you did on your blog in one place! I looked at your other book you did and THAT was BEAUTIFUL! I just might have to play and maybe do one for my son's preK artwork (which i have a TON of and not sure what to do with it all!). Is it pretty easy to assemble?
I do read BH's blog and that's what i pretty much do, except for the organized list she has, but i'm working on that! (mine are on a scrap piece of paper that i write it all down & i end up w/ several throughout the year!)
MORE MEMORY is definitely what you need, mine was doing the same thing last year, everything was taking forever to run and do, and then my hubby and son got me a new computer for mom's day with lots of it (mine was so OLD)! And now we are running super smooth!
Thanks again for the inspiration!
Have a great day!


So great to hear that it is finally ordered and on it's way to you YAY! It's going to be a best seller for sure LOL. Enjoy and I will see you soon.


What a great idea!! I am thinking that I should do this but I probably don't have enough memory in my computer. Congrats on getting it accomplished.

Annette Scholtz

Like the cover......would love to come over for tea and look at the book ....lol!!!! A bit far though!


YEAH! It's done!! WOO-HOO!! Can't wait to see it! You must be so happy! I think the front cover came out cool! Fun pic of you & the camera!


I love, love the cover Laura!! Your gorgeous scrap space is how I found your blog to begin with so this is perfect!!! I'm excited for you. What a great way to capture your journaling and pics!!


Yeah ... I bet you are SO glad that you have that done and ordered after all your efforts with it. It will be worth it when you get it in your hands ... such a great thing to physically have ... I love the idea of it. :)


Congrats Laura!!! LOVE the cover and you must feel such a sense of accomplishment - this is just awesome! At least now you know what you need for the next round - more memory :)


I've had similar issues trying to get pictures printed these days....makes me CRAZY!!!

Laura T.

Love the cover ....

Please - please - please post some of the pages of your book when it comes in. I haven't worked on anything of mine in at least a month. I just need to find time to sit down and do it.

wendy sue

I LOVE your cover!!! I hope you share more of the inside pages! (Glad it finally worked for you!) :o)

Jodi I.

congrats on finishing your book. would you mind posting your comments on the quality of the book when you receive it?...the photo color quality and paper quality? I've done a book through shutterfly and a friend did one through my publisher and there are a few differences. i plan on making more books so i'm very interested on your take of blurb. i looked into the site and their prices are very good.

Erika Follansbee

Yay it's done!! I know you can't wait to see it after all that frustration.

Debbie Hodge

this is fabulous --- i tried to do something with blurb almost a year ago and gave up . . . but seeing this and I think I just got an email from them that they've made changes, I am so motivated.

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