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March 01, 2008



That is a cool box! Don't throw out the gold brads, you can paint or heat emboss them...although looks like you won't be running out of others anytime soon...I love the Love Story layout...now I wanna see some Garden Party!

wendy sue

I LOVE this idea, Laura! Not only does it look great, it's such a great system! My brads are just all in one big basket - I think I may have to completely copy your idea! Thanks for sharing it! :o)


Oooooooo Laura those photos are pure eye candy ... all that colour ... I love your brad storage ... it's got me thinking about mine! But my whole area needs a bit of an overhaul I think ... I just need some motivation to do something about it!

Hope you are having a great weekend.


I just love your creative blog.I was surfing today and found your site. I have added you to my typepad list and will be back to see all of your creations. You are so talented!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura T.

I love brads too. That compartment is way too cute --- great job on the organization.


wow ! What a collection, I just have a few ones even if I love use it and if I put them in most of my pages...
I ma very happy for your hair, and find children so funny with their words.
Have a great day and impatient to see your creation tomorrow.


Wow Laura...that's a nice collection and such a pretty box to put them in. I think it actuallys look nice white, but I'm sure you can make it better, i couldn't!
I use the cropper hopper organizer...remember the one with the little small boxes that were impossible to get? If I had the space, I would certainly love his for all my metallics!
That's funny what Sarah said...cause Alyssa might read this! LOL!
Oh, and I love your picture on the front!


Always love Sarah's comments too funny!
Great job with the brads can wait to see what you have come up with on the layouts.

Lisa D

Great brad box Laura.

Oh and your hair looks fab! Love the scrunchy look on you. Not having to wash it daily is a total bonus, too.
Sarah is too cute with her comment! I think I'd be tempted to tell her sister she was missed anyway ;)


And I thought I had a lot of brads!! I keep mine in the cropper hopper cases & the tiny little boxes are a pain to get my fingers into.

That's great about your hair! I hate the days when I need to wash mine since it takes forever to blow it straight! BTW-I took more pics of my hair today--we're getting there...

So cute that Sarah misses her sister!! Even funnier how she doesn't want her to know!! LOL!


Ok, now I need to get one of those for my brads! WOW! So very cool!


WOW!!! Lovin' your brad storage! I am seriously thinkin' I need one of those storage boxes.... ;) You have an amazing collection of brads. I am with ya on the gold ones...I think I gifted mine away the last time I reorganized. :)

Sasha Farina

My God!! Laura!! Share some of the brads goodness!!! huge collection you have there.. and yes, I never used my gold ones either.. haha!

Heather Ruwe

Okay...you have done it again. I have one of the kraft ones and now I think I need a white one to match my carousel. Thanks for the eye candy! :)

Erika Follansbee

Whoa, that's some serious bradness!!! LOL!! That box is really cool, love how it folds ALL the way out so you can see everything.


Just dropped in to say hello before I head to dreamland. Love the MM Storage boxes. Just got the shelf & jars from Michaels not too long ago. Love them. Now I'm looking to get the tool rounder. Do they send you those goodies free for doing their layouts. If so, you so rock sister!!!! I'm jealous!

Take care,

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