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March 15, 2008



I just love the simple spirit you give to your layouts but when we look at closer, there are so details and so work behind !!! I just love your style


Another two great layouts you really do just keep amazing me with your creative talents.

wendy sue

Wow, another set of amazing layouts! I love the idea to use the gift tags on your page - so fun! And I love the little bits of yellow you added to the second layout. I love yellow and have a ton of yellow papers and products...but I never can seem to make them work on my pages - I love how you did it here! Now can you please send some of that energy my way? Pretty please??? :o)


I love your layouts. They are absolutely gorgeous. Your photos are gorgeous too. I am hoping to get a couple of layouts done today. I love the yellow that you added to the second layout. Yellow seems to be the new color that I am into. I just bought a striped yellow spring sweater and a yellow T. Not too sre what is up with that but I needed a change. Thanks for all of your nice emails and comments.


okay - i need you to share some of that energy! Your good - i need to be more on top of things! And i can't beleive how organized your unfinished scrapbooking is - see most of mine probably won't get finished because it is scattered here and there- i'm taking notes...........


Always love to see more of your wonderful LO's Laura! For a split second I thought there was sewing around the first one...then I came back to reality...LOL!! You had me going though, its that good!
Yes, I love the yellow too and you have me inspired to use purple in a LO. I own 2 pieces of purple total(MM Polo Club line) and I lost one trying to make circles in it so I botched that one up! But I think I made the colors work! Thanks again.

Lisa D

These are great Laura. Love the AC tags, and the Cherish looks fab, who cares what anyone thinks!
Thanks for sharing them. I bet you miss these little ones...they sure are adorable.

Erika Follansbee

Holy cow I LOVE that Cherish layout... it has all of my favorite things in it. Brown, polka dots, little flowers, ledger paper, and a bit of pink. Esp brown, brown brown!

Laura T.

Wow --- sounds like you are getting lots accomplished!

Love the layouts and those tags are so cute.

Can't wait for the random post - I love those.


How FUN is that B-day LO!?!?! Love the tag idea! I've never heard of that whole down with the "Cherish"-like titles but if it fits work with it! I scrap to please myself! LOVE the pink & brown & yellow together--very sweet looking!!

I promise to share my LO's today now that the weekend craziness is over!! Pinky-swear!!


Oooo I love both of course, but I really like the yellow/brown combo. Very spring but in a muted not-in-your-face kind of way. Great stuff!


Too cute - I like to see lo's for the older kids' bdays so thanks for the inspiration. I love the horozontal red circles in the first one and the verticle yellow circles in the second - just adds the perfect touch.

danni perez

you go girl! work that energy.lol
love both los,but i really like the cherish one.so adorable. love the polka dot pp.
p.s. i tried shooting in the raw this weekend. liked it, the editing is easy ,but the sharpening didn't work. i will have to email ya when i get back home. we are off for our spring break vay-cay {vacation}. talk to ya next week.


I am in love with those two layouts, my friend! Oh so adorable!

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