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March 31, 2008



Yes Laura my girls are way too excited too. I have been trying to get the four of them together so I can take a picture of them with it too LOL. And yes my husband is one funny man! I will get a picture of the girls sooner or later even if I have to take one of each of them individually LOL.


OMG - that is AWESOME!!!! Our Taget kept putting clearance tags on the scrap isle so I didn't know what was going on (new stuff or not selling it anymore) so I'm glad to hear it's NEW stuff. I would hardly be able to contain myself either - I'd tell everyone! I'm SO going to Target this week just for this. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!


Congrats again Laura!!! You're totally famous and so are your girls. Love seeing them hold that. They must love it! That paper is gorgeous. I'm gonna buy that as soon as I can find it!!


I am so there tomorrow!! I have been wanting that 5th Ave collection & love seeing it in a kit! It just makes it even better that your LO's on the pkg!! YEAH LAURA!! Told ya your girls are famous thanks to their mommy!! LOL!! You so have to do a LO with these pics!! TOO CUTE!!

BTW--I will be cleaning out my in box & returning all the emails I have to reply to you sometime tomorrow--AFTER Target!!!

Carolyn E.

WOW! a huge congrats to you and your girls!!!
i see a trip to target in the future for me!


I saw this line of papers on Saturday at Target and thought that I had seen those girls somewhere but just figured I was imagining it.
Congrats on your layouts making it on the packaging.

Kate Hydorn

I am so excited for you! You deserve it! I have lots of new stuff at Target and have been buying a little something every time I stop, but I have not seen this yet! How cool!

Julie - iamstmpin@aol.com

Congrats! Your girls are so cute and look so excited - I just love the picture of them holding the kit - those expressions are priceless! I just picked up the Animal Crackers girl kit today! Very cute layouts!


I saw your girls on the packaging last week or so when I was at Target -- how fun!! Congratulations!


first off...CUTE set...and so, I'm going to target...and when I do, I'll tell EVERYONE that I "know" the lady who designed those layout! And that I read her blog all the time...

And they'll look at me like I have 2 heads, but who cares!

Emily G.

ahhh! im even excited for you! congrats!!!! ill def have to pick up one of those page kits, there my favorite b/c they come with a little bit of everthing : )

Megan Critello

Ummm..yeah I've been to Target..I'm addicted, and yeah, I've seen the scrapbook isle..but I ALWAYS walk right past it..cause you know, I'm not a glue and glitter kinda gal..but...I will FOR SURE..go check it out next time. How exciting for you...hmmm..maybe I need to send some of my photos your way..might just find my girls in some fancy scrap mag or something..big congrats!


No, I did not see this....so I guess I will have to make another trip to Target ( was just there a few days ago to get buckets in the dollar section for my room).


Congrats, Laura! I was just looking at this line in Modesto yesterday, but didn't even look at the back of the package. I'll have to take a trip to target in Livermore during my lunch break tomorrow to see if they have any. It's so cool knowing someone famous!



congrats Laura!
How awesome is that?!!! Love the look on the girls' faces. :)
I will be sure to check it out.

Maria Therese

Wow!! Congrats!!
Soo wish we had target here in Norway

Maria Therese

Wow!! Congrats!!
Soo wish we had target here in Norway

Christa P.

Congrats!!! I thought those were your layouts! Very exciting indeed and just think of the millions of people seeing your layouts at Target-so cool!


That's great! I am on my way to Target today and I always go down the scrapbook isle. I will definely look for your kit! How cool.


I am glad you found one! I assumed you snagged one, or I would have picked that one I saw up for you! I guess they hadn't put out all the MM stuff when you went- was the Animal Crackers stuff out? It wasn't out when I went! Now you and Deneen have to do a layout of your girls holding the package!

Aleida Franklin

We get it, we get it and how freaking exciting. Congratulations!

Annette Scholtz

How cool is that......just let me know if you need my kids for packaging layouts lol!!!!

Sasha Farina

aww Laura... you're unearthing my "i wanna migrate" side again...

beautiful layouts btw!!! you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my source of inspo..

Laura T.

I'm actually heading to Target today to get a mini-frig for my office at work.

I'm SOOOO excited for you, but especially for your daughters ----- THAT IS WAY TOO COOL.

I'm definitely going to check out the scrapbook aisle today ----


My daughter would be freaking!!
How Cool is that?!!!!!

You must be so proud you are selling yourself at Target!! LOL Nothing but Coolness!!!

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