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March 18, 2008


Erika Follansbee

Hi Laura! Are you using blurb? If so you might want to try downloading the newest version. Mine was locking up too until I tried it. Although who knows! It might make it worse. Ha ha. I agree--it's a pain in the butt.


That book sounds really cool! Frustrating but cool!!

If it makes you feel better, I don't have an ipod or mp3 either. I have a radio/cd player that takes up too much scrap space!! Have been thinking about dropping hints for one for Christmas! LOL!!

Good luck on the blog book!!


Too funny Laura! I also am one of the ones who does not own an Ipod although my husband and all four girls have one LOL. The twins keep telling me they NEED the Ipod Nano because they only have the shuffle (some life LOL)


I don't have an ipod or anything remotely similar either - maybe it's time - I see those white pods everywhere so they must be cool right!

Love your comment about 'practicing your patience' hehe. Good luck w/ your book - it'll be great when your done!


Hi Laura,
I have a MP3 player that I hardly use, would love an i-pod, you should get one. My DH is so "anti-apple" anything.
I've never heard the term "off-track" before referring to...school? I assume. They are off for a month? Wow, I've never heard of that.
That blog book is such a good idea!

Annette Scholtz

Great idea - so are you going to post the book about your blog on your blog......wanna see it!!!

Laura T.

I started developing my blog book too --- you got a LOT further than me. I think I have the title page completed.

Love my iPod, but I seriously only listen to it in the car to be heard through the radio.


Get the iPod shuffle. They're inexpensive and your girls can download your music. Got one for Mother's Day from my girls last year and I love it! Earpods(?) that came with it are kinda big, but you can buy different ones.


ohh Laura i love that book idea! Maybe when my blog has been going a little longer I will give one a go!

And you sooooo need to get an ipod ;) I have one and I basically live with it in my ears! hehe Once u try one you wont go back!


good luck with the book - that really is a great idea - i just don't think i have the patience for it! Can't wait to see more of your work - and i just got the Ipod nano for christmas and LOVE it - never thought i'd own one but now that i do - I love it.

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