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March 03, 2008


Laura T.

Yep, working on tax stuff too. We are usually done by now. I'm not sure why we waited so long this year. I could have used our check a few weeks ago (hopefully it will be a GOOD check when we get it).


Tax stuff is so depressing LOL. But I am sure you will feel good once it is done. I wish our school had a month off LOL I would actually be able to get work done. Have a great week and can't wait for the wonderful layouts to follow.


You sound like you have it under control despite everything going on. I can't even imagine when the girls have to do book reports--UGH!! I totally dread that! Good luck on the taxes!!


Hope your making tax progress - sounds like you do better under pressure ;)

We don't have year-round school here so no breaks . . . the homework just keeps coming and coming it feels like and I only have one in school so far. At least we have spring break to look forward to in a couple of weeks - the older one gets exctied about no school and I get exctied about no homework!

Glad to hear the country report is done - what a releif for all.

Oh and thanks for the time change reminder-didn't realize it was coming so soon!


Hate tax time! Arg. Funny you mention London Broil because my husband makes a mean one...were supposed to have it tonight but he forgot to marinate it. If I didn't marry a great cook, I would never have good stuff to eat.
Can't wait to see more LOs!!


sounds like you have had a busy monday!! i hate tax time too, gotta get on that horrible job. have a great day.

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