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March 06, 2008


Laura T.

I printed out the first two weeks of the Two Peas class and then I forgot --- I have to go back and print out the other weeks ----

Heather Ruwe

Thanks so much for the post Laura! I am very interested in photography but am so lazy when it comes to learning all this stuff! :) Your info was very helpful though.


Ah, yes, I am the same way with mine. Everyone asks me how I shoot, and I am like, luck...with a lot of luck. ;)

danni perez

wow, that was super sweet of you to type all that info. up.
i could swear by your pictures that you do know about apertures, shutter speeds,& white balance. i will email you about the raw thing.
thanks again.

Sasha Farina

*grins* I get asked too... and I simply can't answer coz i depend on luck a lot. You're way better than me..


Thanks Laura for posting this, you are always there to help us!

Lisa D

Focus on the eye, eh? Why didn't I know that! Thanks Laura!!! This post was helpful, thanks.

Aleida Franklin

You have no idea how helpful this post was. I had been researching on what to get and this helped tremendously. I did a little shout out to you on my blog. So thanks. :)


i just got the same camera for christmas. have so much to learn. would you mind sending me what you do for editing? thanks so much.

Helen Tilbury

Oooh thanks so much Laura. I have a Nikon but am going to print out this post because of the lens info, so that I can find the equivalents. And thanks for the links too...also going to check em 'out...I always edit almost every photo I take too but hope one day I'll have the time to take KR's online class...I have heard that it is amazing but very intense! {ie:- you really need to do your homework, etc}

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