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March 13, 2008


wendy sue

It's good to know I'm in good company, lol. Can't wait to see some of these finished up and posted on your blog! :o)


Great to see now I may have to start putting my unfinished projects in baggies or clear boxes. Great idea.
I would love to see some of the pages from your daycare or family kid album that you said was such a simple design LOL. Maybe I could use up some pictures I have laying around.

Lisa D

omg Laura I have the same types of projects/plastic storage boxes/ideas going on here! Glad to know I'm not alone. If only we could figure out a way to make more hours in the day, we'd be rich and could sit home and do nothing but scrap all day!


Looks like like of goodies and super fun projects going on! I'm impressed you had 07 xmas in a book already - got me beat on that one that's for sure! They say you'll never really be caught up but I sure would like to try some day~lol!!


So many good ideas. I am glad that you shared with us and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has lots of little projects laying around unfinished.


Oh thank you - you brought this lurker out to say I use those boxes/bag methods also - works great for taking over to the in-laws for something to do. But I need to finish something already!

Kim Bolyard

I love seeing how you keep things organizied...makes me want to do that with all the unfinished mini albums and projects I have...hats off to you for keeping everything together so you are ready for a later date...I just need some of those containers and I am on my way to being organized....a girl can dream right...LOL

Annette Scholtz

Sooooo organized!!! I am impresses - think I need to work on my organiziation skills!!!!


I totally love this post! A nice reminder that I'm not the only one out there. I have to say I really love your work. :)


Well I have to confess that I am not such organized as you are at all ! I do not planify what kind of products I am going to take for an album because I always do it with feeling. I take one thing after another and this is how I do my layouts and albums. But I forbid myself to start anything before finish the project that I am working on... This is what I like in scrapbooking : everyone can do it as he wants.
Have a great day
Karine from france

Laura T.

All of those albums look awesome (completed or not). You have some really great ideas!


girl,i hear ya!
i have tons of unfinished los too,and a few albums.
i love,love the thankful album you started! love the colors. i wish they would bring back that line.you'll have to post it when you're all done.

Kate Hydorn

Well, I'm a little relieved to see this post! After reading your blog faithfully, I had determined you were the most organized, up-to-date person I knew!
The great thing is that you're all ready to go when you find the time to sit down and work on those.
Your album titles are so fun! Very inspiring! But as one of your stalkers, I find your blog the first one I go to!


I think we all have projects started....but to tell the truth yours STILL look much more organized than mine! I look back on some & don't even remember what I was doing with them!! Like the storage system you have that keeps it all together....I'm now wishing I had more room to do things like that!!


wow, your awesome!!


At least I am not alone- the unfinished projects are numerous here! Love that you are even organized with those. I think it is great that you even keep a book of all the daycare kids you have. Shows you really care.

Sonia (Sony)

Thanks for included this post today (Feb 18).. is nice to see how you work with your projects (unfinished projects)
Thanks for sharing. Great ideas!


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