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March 04, 2008



SUPER CUTE!! Love pic 3 :) Glad you got to get out and enjoy the sun.

Heather Ruwe

Your pics turned out great. What camera do you use?

danni perez

adorable pictures.
ok, what kind of camera do you have and are you on manual? what settings?


GREAT pics!! Love the one of her upside down! So fun!

You're so funny about taking the pics but not getting up to move--that sounds like me!


Love the pictures. They're wonderful. You take the best pic's ever. I'm going to mimic the same question that Dani asked above. You couldn't have been on "auto"..thye're too perfect. By the way -YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED TOO!!!

Take care.

Kim Bolyard

great photos...the last one is my fav...love the bright colord shirt...makes for a great photo.

I tagged you...check out my blog.


Love these photos...especially the last one!! Great color on them too!
You know, regarding grocercies, yes it may be the most expensive thing about daycare, but my kids seem to waste more than they eat. Frustrating making something that just sits there...tempting to reheat it the next night until they get the hint.


Laura great photo's of Alyssa. Now you need to start putting the camera info with the photo's LOL.
Take Care


love that backflip pic . . . so fun! :D

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