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March 30, 2008



I am thinking you might be right LOL. Mine now just run and yell her comes the paparazi mom again LOL. Enjoy it while it lasts and I hope for your sake that they never out grow it.


Laura, your children are beautiful....You have such a beautiful family...and your layouts are just incredible!



Love those- my kids call me "The Mamarazzi"...and I got a classic one of them acting silly too...I am going to be holding that one over their heads for a long time...and it is funny how they ham it up on demand, it comes so naturally...


Hey they know the faster they do what you want the faster you get out of their face! Someone should explain that to my girls when they complain!! Besides your girls know they're "famous" thanks to their mom's scrapping!! LOL!!! Cute CUTE pics!!!


Very cool photos ... I just love their expressions. :)


Last weekend we were at a bday party w/ lots of family and as I was snapping pictures of my kids, I kept hearing 'oh look they just take the cutest pictures and just smile so nice' and my husband pops up (the funny guy he is-huh!) says it's from years of practice - lol!!! So your in good company and hopefully one day they will look back and appreciate all the lo's we do :)


Too funny!! I love goofs!

danni perez

silly girls.

wendy sue

I would not be concerned - I think it's hilarious! Maybe acting and modeling is in their future!!! :o)

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