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March 08, 2008



Well, all I can say is : congratulations to your daughters! Hoping that my children will be so competent at school.
Have a great day
Karine from france


Wow... Congratulations! It would be great to even have one of your daughters honored, but to have two is fantastic!


Congrats to your girls. What a great incentive that the principal is doing for them! The pictures are beautiful.


Congrats to the girls and yes you are correct they only take the STAR test once a year. I am very proud of both of them. And isn't it funny what a little bribery can do? LOL


That is quite an accomplishment! And that principal is AWESOME for recognizing the kids like that- not all of the kids take the tests seriously, so what a great incentive! The pictures are great also! I finally got the Embellish magazine, and I'm not even finished looking through it, and I saw two of your layouts in there! Congratulations to you too!


WOW ~ congrats to your girls (and to you) - that is such a great accomplishment!!! Definately nice of the principal to add the little extra in there as well - cool! You'll have to let us know where they choose to dine!

Great pics of the girls too - SO photogenic :)

Lisa D

Way to go Sarah and Alyssa! This is awesome! keep up the GREAT effort!!!


What a great accomplishment for both of your girls. I does a mothers heart good to see their children succeed. Congrats to you also!!

Annette Scholtz

Girls are soooo bright lol!!! Congrats!! Lovely photos.

Laura T.

Congratulations to your girls!!! Great pictures!

Sasha Farina

Yay!!! Huge congrats to ALL of you!!


Congrats to the girls!! That's wonderful!! They should be as proud of themselves as their parents are!! The pics are gorgeous as always--love the 1st one especially! GREAT story about Sarah & the catalog!! She knows how to work things to her advantage--smart smart girl!! I can see a LO about that story....


Fabulous ... congrats to Alyssa and Sarah, they did so well and you enjoy your proud Mummy moments too. :)

wendy sue

woo-hoo! Congrats to your girlies...and to YOU for raising such smart little ones! :o)

Erika Follansbee

Awesome, congrats to your girls!! That's great to hear. It's nice that they get recognized on such a personal level. Sarah is looking so grown up in those pictures! She really knows how to work her mom's soft spot, doesn't she? LOL


That is great! Way to go girls! They are so beautiful by the way...........

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