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March 14, 2008



Way too stinking cute! Those pictures would make any grandma very proud and very happy. The people you do day care for are so very lucky to have such a loving and picture taking person watching their most precious little ones. Again they are so very LUCKY because I know you give them precious pictures that they would otherwise not have and it gives them a sneak peek into what their little ones do during the day. You will have to take some napping pictures LOL.

Lisa D

Those photos are so precious! Omg, both Haley and Nikolas are absolutely ADORABLE! I especially love the one where you said it wasn't a great one (but it is!) of Haley looking into Nikolas's face. Too CUTE!
Thanks for sharing these, while I know your job isn't always easy and it often times goes unappreciated (not by anyone in particular, but just in general), they sure would be tons of fun to watch!


great photos. little ones are such a joy to have around. thanks for sharing!!

Erika Follansbee

they are so cute, and looks like they're into everything! I don't know how you do it, I want to fall over from exhaustion every night just from Drew alone!


They are too CUTE! Really cute pics!! Love how she cleans up & knows where to put everything! She's been trained well--let's hope that trait stays with her!!

We organize like that here too --"everything has it's own place" but the girls aren't as good as Hailey about keeping to it!! Can I send them to you for "boot camp"???? LOL!!


oohing and aahing here!!! They are so cute! Love all that hair on the little guy! They are definately photogenic and you took some great pics!

Laura T.

What cute pictures of the kids --- they play so well together.


Super cute kids!!! Nicolas has more hair than my daughter and she is 4! I can see they keep you on your toes but tons of fun :)


Wow! I"m so jealous Nikolas is standing up all the way. Miranda gets to her knees and that's it. lol She's pretty funny in her activity table toy though. The seat is attached and it spins all the way around the activity table. She runs full speed around the whole thing. I think she enjoys that more than the toys on top! She's going to like having a couple of friends to play with. She hasn't been around other babies. Haley and Nikolas will be the first. I'm requesting pictures of it! lol

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