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March 11, 2008


Laura T.

I know --- you loose track of time --- so many other things to do in life besides blog.

Wasn't Idol great!


I have a teacher friend who is looking for ideas for an animal report...when you have a chance, could you email me the kinds of questions/things that (I am assuming it is Sarah) has to do for the report? Thanks!


Sounds like life is keeping you busy . . . that's us mom's, busy, busy, busy! That vanilla ice cream still sounds good though ;)


You shouldn't feel guilty. It's a "mother's rule" we all understand when you say you've been busy & it's perfectly OK!!


What no picture what is this LOL totally kidding. We and I am sure I speak for a majority of your loyal readers when I say this "miss you when you don't blog". Take care and have a great day!


love the blog banner. I am envious of your shelving. I would so love to have that.


you're a fabulous blogger! :D

Heather Ruwe

We do miss you when you don't blog....you're like my cup of coffee in the morning. lol


you are a great blogger - I need to do it more often - i'm trying to comment on your most recent entry but it won't let me - i hope all goes well with your situation - and your right - you need to just let it be or you will be miserable stewing over it. Hugs.

kristan martin

Well I'm sneaking a comment in on this post since you have the other closed for comments, which I realize defeats the purpose of you closing that comment section But, I have to just say this... I've only only been reading your blog for a short while, so I don't know what situation you're talking about but I implore you not to waste anymore of your time worrying about someone rude comments and opinion. It seriously breaks my heart to think that you've spent these months worrying about what someone may have said or won't say now. The only opinons that matter in this life of what you do or say are are those of your family, your husband and children and yourself. If someone is treating you poorly, I'd be willing to be that you're not the only person in their life that they're treating poorly, their probably a serial bully, so don't take it personally and waste no more time sister! Life is WAY TOO SHORT!

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