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March 20, 2008


danni perez

hey girl,
just check'n in real quick.{off to Florida in the am. -it is 1:32am}.lol
i should be sleeping.
anyway,how cool that you are making a blog book.
awesome that yall got ipods. you'll love 'em.
talk to you when i get back home.

Aleida Franklin

Ha, ha. Thank goodness for the tax refunds. That is how I got my Rebel. Thanks for all your assistance and insightful articles. I really appreciate them and your time. ;0


Glad to hear the book is coming along! Can't wait to see it!

The ipod sounds interesting....I'd be the type of person that would need a "ipod for dummies" book to figure it out. For some reason I can't wrap my head around the concept but I'll get there soon!! I bet Joe must be so happy about his!!


Since the girls and my hubby have the ipods around here I had to put all the music on them which was ok at first but then they changed the darned program and I hate it now so much for technology I tried to upload some songs for a friends son who got a new one for Christmas and I about threw the mouse through my computer screen lol. Anyways if you find an easy way to up load the songs you will have to share with me.
Glad you got yourself a treat.


What a nice present Laura! We've missed you around here...have a great Easter Holiday!


Welcome to the iPod world. Don't forget to subscribe to Lain Ehmann's Scraphappy audio blog. Fun stuff!

Other stuff I podcast: www.blogtalkradio.com's FlyShow, "Dave Ramsey" on iTunes, and my church sermons from Crossroads Grace. Oh, and PBS has a few podcastable shows for free (like Super Why) for wait time when little kiddos are around. I'm such a talk radio junkie!

Heather Ruwe

I am still learning my ipod too!
Your blog book sounds fun, making me want to try it but I am scared! LOL

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