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March 25, 2008



Wow ! these photos are so beautiful ! à tomber par terre (falling down) as we say in french. It means that we can only love it. I love the second one... They really look like brothers and sisters with nikolas. My sons are so different each other. Hoping you enjoyed easter (or perhaps your daughters think themselves too old for seeking eggs... lol) Have a great day


What a beautiful girl! She must've been fun to work with--love her style changes & the hat!!


She is really a beautiful girl her mom must be so proud.

Sasha Farina

beautiful shots Laura!! she's adorable!

Laura T.

Great shots --- you are right, you are right, her brother looks so much like her.

Erika Follansbee

OMG yes! She and Niko look just alike. She is so cute, and she even had wardrobe changes for her shoot! VERY nice portraits!

danni perez

hey girl,
these pictures are gorgeous. it is good to be home.i'm catch'n up on the blogs.
great los.your last lo posted is super cute too. you always make me want to start scrap'n immediately.i do have disney easter to do now.


Great photos Laura! She's a beauty.
Got my SBT mag today and saw your LO's congrats again!! I caught my 2 yo son flipping through the magazine. When he got to your LO, pointed to the star, and said, "Star".


Too cute - what fun to photograph a new face and I love all the outfit changes!

Annette Scholtz

Gorgeous photos - gorgeous kids!!! Love the bright colours.

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