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March 23, 2008



I want to know more about this Book. I love reading your blog everyday, but maybe I wasn't paying attention, but i don't remember you mentioning a blog book.

Please Share more Blah Blah Blah I enjoy it!!

wendy sue

Swimming? You were swimming? We still have snow on the ground (at least 3 feet in our front north-facing yard)!!! I am so jealous!!!

Hope your computer finishes it's work soon so you can share more fun stuff with us! :o)


Can't wait to see the book!! I think I'd be paralyzed if I lost my computer for that long!!

Like your tease--"took some pics--but I can't show you"!! LOL!!

Can't even imagine swimming right now! You're lucky!! I'm so ready for warm weather!!


How terrible. I would be at a loss if I couldn't visit my favorite blogs and check e-mail. But the end result will be beautiful I am sure.
Here's to better days ahead!


Good gracious.
You could have typed up that book yourself in that amount of time. Sheesh!
Hope it is *done* soon.


Gosh Laura, that's crazy how long it takes! At least your getting some organization done. Can't wait to see pics!


You'd think it would have been done overnight - are they printing it while it downloads - geesh!! So can't wait to see a sneek peek of it, especially the cover!!

Love to see how you are organizing everything too - at least your great at making use of your time :)

Looking forward to fun Easter pics! You know we had super warm weather all weekend too but no swimmin' here.


i can't beleive it is taking that long! Wow - so would it work to do half at a time. Or would that make 2 books instead of one? wondering for future reference

Erika Follansbee

Did it ever finish? That is so crazy. Not to mention frustrating!!

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