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April 15, 2008



congrats on being "official" laura! that is such an honor! your'e a lucky gal!
love the school layout!


oops! i meant you're a lucky gal!


Love the layout! Oh Laura, that is awesome news! Seriously, it is about time- to me, you use their products better than anyone else I have ever seen! Congrats!

Laura T.

Congratulations!!! I'll have to go over and see the site and her name!!

Love the school layout.

Laura T.

Congratulations!!! I'll have to go over and see the site and your name!!

Love the school layout.


LOVE the LO (of course)! I have that cork paper in my stash & have wanted to use it for school but guess what? I'm behind on school LO's too!! LOVE how the title came out & I never would've known about the mismatched pink letters had you not said something.

CONGRATULATIONS on being "official" with MM. I always thought you were & you certainly deserve to be!!


I told you it would happen way back when LOL! Seriously I am so excited for you! Enjoy and don't forget about us little people bawhaha!


Yea Laura! I'm so proud of you. MM is fabulous stuff. I only wish I has more time to scrap.

I would have never noticed the S and C difference. Isn't it funny what we pick up on when being self-critical? Yet no one would ever know. Love the cork paper! I haven't seen that before. Perfect for a school layout.

wendy sue

What a great layout (again)!! And congrats! :o)


Lovin' this lo - the cork rocks!! I love the blue circle strips of paper w/ the brads and eyelets too.

Congrats of being official w/ MM - what an accomplishment to actually have your name on the sidebar . . . off to check it out now!!


Congrats Laura!! I have always loved MM too!! Ever since I started scrapbooking. I will be checking out their blog!! If you get a chance check out my friends and my new blog Page Plans. You can access it thru my blog. We are very excited with it!


Love the layout. I've been reading your blog for a month or two now and thought it time I let you know how much a love your style. I've actually been printing out quite a few of your layouts as they are so inspiring to me. Thanks for taking so much time to keep your blog updated and sharing your layouts.



That's awesome Laura!!!! You deserve this! Congrats, congrats...and thanks to MM for Making you "official". Yay!!!
Ok, love the LO! I love the cork, now I have to get some and I love how you embellished the holes of the kI paper...I should of picked some up yesterday. Darn!
And I'm so excited that you stamped, especially the HA stitches...I have those and never used them. Now you're inspired me to use them. TFS all this great information and the LO!!!

Heather Ruwe

Congratulations Laura...so exciting! Very well deserved and the LO is gorgeous. Love the bold colors. Thanks for sharing! :)

kristan martin

Laura, you're so awesome. Congratulations!!! I love MM products too, so what an honor.


this is adorable and before I read your post, I didn't even notice the "s" at all...it looks GREAT! and also a BIG congrats on MM!!! HUGS!


Ugh...someone stop the Goodwill truck. I just donated a big roll of thin cork that I salvaged and held onto for, um, ever and finally decided I couldn't use it....


Erika Follansbee

That's SO awesome, Laura!!! Congratulations on being "official"!

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