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April 12, 2008


Sasha Farina

oh I have that issue!! Told my girls I "know" you LOL...


I love this LO thanks for sharing...love to see your work.
Glad the girls are home, hope they had a good tiem!

Heather Ruwe

I remember this layout! I remember loving it even before I "knew" you. Love your style! :)

kristan martin

This is so stinkin cute Laura! I love the trims you use...what is the scallop blue trim that goes across the middle and the trim on across the "kylie" layout a couple posts back on your "fastest layouts" I see you use that often but I've never seen it before...not that I get out much! But I was wondering who makes it, I love it.


As always, i love it ! And the photo with her tong is so cute ! congrats


I LOVE the button heart!! Such a cute girly layout.

danni perez

i agree, that looks like a heavy lo.but it is ohh so adorable.i've done a few of those heavy ones.lol


Love the button heart and how all those patterns work together - I can't seem to master that. And the little misses is just too cute for words :)

Glad the girls are back and had a blast - hard not to have fun in D!

It WAS hot on Sunday wasn't it!?! We had to turn on the whole house fan once we relized upstairs was 83 degrees! Much cooler today though :)


super cute layout - it looks heavy!! I seriously can't beleive it was really that hot there. We got our highest yet here in Utah at 72 and tomorrow we are back to the 50's. No love here...


Saw this layout on 2PEAS a while ago and put it in my BOS. It's really lovely and today I saw a lift of this one on 2PEAS too!

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