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April 14, 2008


Sasha Farina

wish I could see those layouts... I'm sure they are rockin' with your goodness...


It was awful yesterday! Windy, dusty and cold! Maybe you have a hard time scrapping when no one is around! I get like that- it is hard for me to scrap when nobody is here-the house is too quiet! Glad you got some scrapping in!

kristan martin

I'm thinkin that 70 sounds pretty nice and am not feeling too bad for you!

I can't wait to see your layouts!!!
where do you find out about the calls that you submit for?

Laura T.

Wow - 95 degrees. It's actually supposed to get to near 80 on Friday here in NJ. I LOVE this time of year.

Can't wait to see your layouts.


lol 70 Is really warm for us right now.

Sorry about the creative block, I hate that, I don;t know what I would do if I had to do a layout with a deadline.

I really had my groove on at a recent all weekend crop I just attended, but have not been able to paly since. I have all these ideas and no time to create them.

Hope your beautiful weather is back soon.

Heres to flip flops and sunshine!!!


it's supposed to be 82 here today...with 30 mph winds.... Payton got all decked out in a summer outfit for school today and I just let her wear it. I tried to talk to her about being cold in the morning but no luck. I guess just let her learn...lol.
So happy to hear you scrapped and can't wait to see the layouts!


I envy the weather there girl! For the record 70 is NOT cold--the wind part sucks though & makes it feel colder than it is. Coming back from FL to NJ has been a bummer since we were in shorts & tank tops the entire time there....**SIGH** It is getting warmer so I'm happier about that.

Can't wait to see the new LO's. I can't imagine you not scrapping!! I went through a dry spell in the begining of the yr & right now need more time to catch up with all the ideas floating around my brain! Sorry this is a longer post than intended--I missed reading your blog!!!!


Cold? Girl...let me tell you about cold: I am taking a photography class (learned more in one night than I ever would have, especially since the teacher shoots with a Canon, as I do!)...and we had a field trip class on Saturday. In the EVENING. Near a LAKE. It was 44° at 6:45 p.m. And the wind? FIERCE to say the least. I could not concentrate on our shot list. I shot everything I could. I sat in my car afterwards with my hands on the heat vents for 10 minutes, till I could grip my steering wheel. My hands hurt for well over an hour after I got home. And looking at my shots, they were AWFUL.

I went back out on Monday evening and re-shot the entire list...much better (and more temperate, that's for sure!)


Good for you - feed that creative spirit! I work best under pressure, too...sometimes, anyway. And here in Seattle, it was 80 degrees Saturday, and Monday my daughter's softball practice was cancelled at 37 degrees and hail/rain/thunder/snow.

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