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April 30, 2008



okay, i have a question after reading all of your questions....lol The person asked about lines around your picture and you said that was a secret, what is that person talking about. Can you show me a layout in which she is talking about lines around your picture....I really don't understand this one at all.....Please help in showing me what she is wanting to know that is a secret.....LOL...



I so much enjoyed reading all your answers, Thanks for sharing.

Aly & AJ are one of my favs too(can yu tell we have lil girls)

and that Miley/Billy raye song makes me cry every time.

And 27 dresses, just came in the mail from block buster, hope to see it this weekend.

Happy Thursday

wendy sue

What? Utah. Utah. Utah. NOT Colorado...sheesh... ;)

wendy sue

What?!? Utah. Utah. Utah. NOT Colorado...sheesh... ;)

wendy sue

oops, I didn't mean to post twice...but I felt I needed to add the punctuation after I'd hit "post" - I just didn't realize it had already posted. Oh well. Anyway, since I posted twice, I think I should definitely post one more time, don't you??

Seriously, it was fun reading your answers to all of these fun and sometimes creative questions! I think you're hilarious - and I wish you could get your 3 wishes...okay, at least the first two! lol



Thanks Laura for the collage advice! I'm going to try it when I'm not so busy.

Annette Scholtz

What a nice post.....lost of info:) very cool!


Very cool - thanks for the peek into your world and I love that you just go for the venti!


That was fun Laura!! You are good at writing that all up...I don't have that patience!!
Yes, Venti is a good choice. Why not upgrade? And I gotta tell you I've never heard Ally and AJ's songs...sorry.
Before he cheats is a good song choice, great one to sing in the car. I was going to talk about last night's AI but I didn't want to give you any spoilers, just in case. But I'm sure you know :(
so glad you saw Juno, such a great movie! 27 dresses in going on my Nexflix que! Talk to you soon...
oh, and to Mary...look at Laura's LO's, there is a fine black line in the white border that surrounds her photos.

Laura T.

Loved your random blog. It's always great to find out more about someone (especially since we've never met in person).

I'm loving the Miley/Billy Ray song too --- have that one on my iPod ...

Oh and what about the disappointment last night on Idol. She should have stayed!


LOVE it!!! GREAT answers! Gotta try that collage---so wish someone could just walk me through Photoshop!! Seriously Colorado? What's wrong with Jersey????? LOL!!!

Sasha Farina

oh i love every bit of this post Laura.. and go watch 27 dresses! i just watched a couple of night ago and I love it. oh well, i love chick flicks anyway...


WalMart still has Duck...where? Please send me your PhotoShop directions. Erika's doing digi photo as her sr. proj. Wish I could grant your "no pain" wish, but I know I'm not God. Keep doing those night softball games...they might end up in a scholarship some day. At least that's what I'm hoping for--as I've, "been there, done that!"


neat to read all your answers. i don't get a chance to check out blogs daily, but i love reading it. have a great day!

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