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April 08, 2008



So happy for you! Your book looks great. And I truly know how much you miss the girls. Love the photo's with Laura too cute.


laura! that little book is the coolest thing ever! :D


Oh my gosh, that book is really nice. Its like your published your diary or something. And its so professional looking...including the cover, way cool! The kiddies are cutie pies and I love the pics of you with them. Are you gonna scrap them?


I LOVE the book!!! That is the coolest thing! You have to give me the details... though I afraid of all the hours of work... I think it's worth it in the end:) Thanks for sharing!


Your book looks AWESOME!!! Love the cover and size too! Cute pics of you and the kids - they must keep you busy, busy :)

Erin Bassett

Congrats, it looks great!!


Oh my goodness, I love this idea. One day, but right now I don't think I am up to the task (especially since I have so many blogs)!


I love the way the book turned out!!!


This book is so great! and the pages that you shows are well presented, it makes so professionnal, that's just wonderful ! I love the photos with the babies, aren't they so cute?
PS : your hair looks very well


That book is amazing, such a great idea :)

Laura T.

Oh my God - that book is AWESOME. You are given me inspiration to work on mine.

Thanks for sharing some pictures with us.


Yeah! Bet it feels so good to have that book in your hands, especially after all your hard work ... and it looks fabulous ... truly just like a book (I know that sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but I didn't expect it to look so professionally finished, I guess!)

Cute pics of you and the kids too. :)

Kate Hydorn

Wow! That book is so neat! And what a treasure to have to look back at throughout the years- and for your kids and grandkids to see! It's great that you have your layout in there as well-just in case something would happen to the real ones. I've just recently started a blog, and I can't even figure out how to get a page header in, so I think a book like this is a long way out for me, but I love looking at yours! Congrats!


Your book is FABULOUS! I am so glad to see it. I want to do this and have been a little nervous about the whole thing. I will definitely be referring my family to your blog so they can see this. You used blurb.com right?


Incredible! Who knew something like that existed? Sheesh! I'll have to start blogging now!


okay. THAT is cool. I must make me one of those....that's on my to-do this weekend. :)
you are an enabler....lol!

Aleida Franklin

Oh my--your book looks fabulous!

Debbie Hodge

wow! did you use blurb? off to look at back posts to find out. love it.


This is a really neat idea. My sister told me about your blog. I've just gotten started in digital scrap booking and blogging and would love to know how you did this - which I'm sure is in your blog I just didn't find it. Any pointers?


wow!! Your book is so amazing! Your so on top of things to get them all done this way. You'll be glad you did one day - me on the other hand..........


Is that not the greatest invention!? Blog slurping! Your book is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Hi Laura, sooooo I am working on my own blog book and I got the whole idea for it from you and this blog post (lol that is why I am leaving a comment way back on this post) I have a question about your books (the 7x7 ones), which BTW I am getting all my inspiration for mine from lol, hope you don't mind, What do you have on your back covers? Also, did you have to go through all your photos and resize them to fit the pages (I already have to resize the pictures for the cover pictures (eyeroll lol). Also any advice you can give me to start doing to my current posts to make this process easy when I do the 2009 book? Thanks so much girl :)


PS, Thank goodness Blurb works with blogger/blogspot again, I have been waiting for a few months now lol.


lol :) me again, also what font did you use on the cover and inside of the book?

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