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April 04, 2008


Marilyn Cline

WOO HOO - so glad you found that memory helps a BUNCH!! I am the same way on songs - I can play one song over and over for an hour - and that is all I will listen to for days at a time! Why do we do that?? I even did that back in high school, which was in the 60's. I hope to see you blast through the rest of your blog books!

Laura T.

Don't you just love your iPod. Speaking of iPod's, I almost had a heart attack last night when I thought I lost ALL my songs. I went to update the new version of iTunes and my computer crashed. When I went back in, it said I had to reinstall iTunes because it wasn't finding anything on my PC. I needed to shutdown last night because I wanted to cry.

I logged in this morning, and everything is there - THANK GOD. I couldn't even imagine having to download all of those songs again.

And congratuations on getting another book done. Proud of you!


Congrats on the another book - that is great! Between knowing what your doing now and the speedy upgrade it sounds like you are good to go - what a sense of accomplishment I'm sure!

I've got to get me one of those ipods - sometimes it feels like I'm the only one not on board with it :)


isn't it amazing how a small change can do so much? That ipod is really cute, love the color. I still don't have one.
Brooke White fan here too...love her voice and her personality. She is an all around musician!


Ok, you are motivating me to get my blog book done! It is time-consuming but lots of fun at the same time. When you order it, make sure to take pics so we can see!!:)


PS.... I love Brooke White, too!


modern technology? what is that? lol.

must investigate maggie's actions. thanks for the tip!

love that fun pic of the girls w their lo on the back of the mm package. too funny cute. :D

vicki Boutin

Love your scrap space! I just bought an IPOD a month ago!! Loving it!


Glad you got your memory updated. Isn't it amazing how one your computer is fast you realize how slow it was LOL. Love the ipod still in need of one of those.
Have a great day


Yay, iPod! Got one last year (whined before Relay for Life that I was walking the 1-3 AM shift alone...seemed like as good of an excuse as any...LOL) and I'd have to say it totally changed my life. Not too many inventions can say that. For ONCE, I don't have to listen to Caillou just because someone's watching it. Instead, I get 23 minutes of covert audio bliss. I'm with ya, sister!

Hey, you can subscribe to Lain Ehmann's super ScrapHappy podcast (http://scraphappy.mypodcast.com/). It's pretty darn good! Just scroll down and click "subscribe with iTunes" on the right. Fun stuff!


Oh, yeah, and iTunes will not replace any music you lose to computer crash. Learned that the hard way. So if you purchase Beyonce, or Girls Next Door, or Ratatouille from the iTunes store...backup, backup, backup!

: )


isn't it amazing how awesome these little technological wonders are??? I LOVE mine. So happy you are enjoying yours...

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