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August 26, 2008



Oh Laura...I just love those pictures so much. Gorgeous LO too!!! That BG paper is really pretty. Yeah, I thought there were going to be 2 LO's. Hee hee...guess you gotta spread them out a little..save some more for later!
I've really been into my old school stuff lately...think that happens when I reorganize my stuff! And I have TONS of BG.


I remember those photos! They look great with the BG paper! Beautiful layout, as always :)


I recognize those cute pics - fun to see them again w/ a whole new look!

Alicia King

beautiful, love these colors together, and most importantly the pictures of your daughter, absolutely gorgeous! great job!

Heather Ruwe

I LOVE THIS! This is absolutely gorgeous but now I have to see the other one..you are so top secret! :) Great stuff!

Shaun Paddock

You make me want to scrap right this minute. Too bad my scrap room is a total mess since I am moving it. Plus, I am too nervous to scrap. We are currently under a tornado warning. Fun don't ya think.
Thanks for sharing!

Krista L

very pretty! glad i checked in for like the 4th time today to see your update :)


Love, love, love this layout! Can't wait to see the next one!


Oh, does she look lovely in that dress/skirt. Beautiful, just as your layout.



First I have to say, LOVE those photos! I loved them the first time, but even more now. Your DD has snappy taste in outfits as my DD would say, "Oh that is catchy"! She is only three, boy am I going to have my hands full. She love all things girly. Including her stack of hats.

Now for the layout. Great balance, love your choice of colors and embellishments. Sometime it is hard to go another direction when you have the perfect things to match. I am guilty of committing the same act. I just smile and nod my head and keep going in the new path. Like, hey I did not know I had these, a little glue and down they go. Great job!!!!

Sandi N.


Beautiful layout Laura, but I gotta be honest -- that Sarah just STEALS THE SHOW! Those photos are stunning, adorable, and just totally show her personality.

Laura T.

I remember those photos --- I thought you had already created a beautful layout --- LOVE the colors in the layout you created and still LOVE those photos.


I love the patterned paper, it almost looks like lace on the right side of the paper.

great Job. I need to do a phot session with my daughter. She will at least let me take her picture. Tak'em while you can

kristan martin

I remember when you first posted and took these pictures with the tutu and the chair! Love how the layout turned out, looks great!

Sasha Farina

flowery paper? a bit different don't you think? :D but fabulous all the same!!

danni perez

hey girl,
this is so gorgeous!
i loved those pics the first time you showed us.you are so lucky to have girls for grea tutu shots like that.i don't think my boys will go for that.lol


seriously gorgeous photos! :D

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