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August 28, 2008


Alicia King

cute layout, love the colors and design! gotta have some of that polka dot paper!


Love the LO!

Heather Ruwe

Cute LO and I am so very jealous that you got to use the SLICE...I have to get that even though I really don't need it. lol Thanks for the share!

Laura T.

Love the layout - the colors are awesome! Is there any special paper you use when printing out your photos. Sometimes when I print photos from home, it sometimes appears very "grainy."


Well now don't you sound indecisive- just kidding! Love this- she really is a cute little girl. Looking oh so girly with all her jewelry.
I covet your slice and shimmer paper- cannot wait for them to become available.


Love the animal cracker PP here...goes perfect! And the slice font is really nice. Glad to see some letters made with it! TFS!


Ooohh... love the glittery elements on this! So cute!


Super cute lo ~ love the glittery elements, esp the title!

Susan D.

love the new layouts (and glad to see you use sarah's beautiful pics)...i'm curious about the slice, hmmmm....

Jenny Mick

Beautiful layouts!! Thanks for sharing!


love this! I especially like how you use mutliple pics. I suck at photography so I rarely get more than 1 good shot to work on a layout, let alone 3 or 4! ha Don't your girls want to come to Nashville for a visit???? LOL

Shaun Paddock

Laura, you are now officially my scrap idol. I also need your help. I am making a quick and dirty baby book for my step daughter who had her baby girl this morning. We used to be very close but since we moved to the South she has suddenly started treating my like s...t. So, my problem is I cannot come up with a title for this book. The book will consist of a stats page, then a page for every month of her first year and then extra pages for photos with mom, dad, brothers, etc. Her name is Catherine Siena and you can see photos of her on my blog. Any suggestions on what to title this book? I don't know why I am drawing such a blank.



Oh my your layout is adorable! Your colors are my favorite. All the paper line blended so well together. Lucky you for having the slice. I have been looking at this for the past two years. I am glad MM picked this product up. I will be looking forward to seeing more with this die cutter.

I have the Cricut, Wizzard, Cuddle Bug. This would be much smaller to store and use:) DH is very good to me. His hobbies are golf, and a runner so he buys nice toys for my hobby. I think he would sit and play too if he would not let his manhood get in the way:):):) He is a sweetheart.

Again, love your layout. Thanks for sharing!

Sandi N.

Sasha Farina

oh this one is too cute for words!! nuff said? she's a doll!


Cute layout! I love that design - I can see why you used it twice! The glitter paper is awesome - I think I must go shopping...

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