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August 07, 2008



Oh, what a cutie! Seems like a quiet easy going girl! This is certainly a fun age!


LOVE her eyes & her little ponies! She's a little cutie pie!

It drives me crazy too when my girls have their hair all over their faces---especially when I'm trying to take pics!!

Heather Crawford

What a lucky girl you are to have all those cuties and then send them home to their parents at the end of the day..lol..seriously, some cuuuute little girlies there!! and you got such great shots of both of them..I bet the parents love you for that! and BONUS..you have lots of kids to practice on...!

maybe I should try doing the ponies like that with Bailey..her hair is always in her face too!


She is too cute and so were the pics from yesterday - I actually missed a post - lol!!


oh my.. what a adorable little girl, but the one from yesterday is adorable too :)

How do you manage to take theese totally light pictures? is it because the sun always shines at your place..
Here in denmark it is often grey so the pictures does not get this bright colours like yours :(


Oh I totally need some pointers on taking photos of little people on the move. Now that Sadie is mobile, photography is a frustrating endeavor!


I loved her hair in the pigtails! She looked so different. When I got home from work, she walked to me, with pigtails going, happy to see me. LOVE IT! Love all the pictures. Thanks so much. I know you know how much it means to me. :)

Alicia King

what a cute girl!


I know you will miss this little cutie very much but I am sure her mom will bring her over for a visit from time to time.

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