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August 25, 2008



Oh, Laura, this is great. When I have more time I am gonna come back and visit all these blogs you recommend!


Even though I dont have a blog, you are my "visit everyday" blog. Keeps me laughing out loud most of the time. Blessings to you my friend!

Krista L

5 of your 7 favorites are my favorites too! i can't wait to check out the others :)

wendy sue

oooh, great blogs -- a bunch of my favorites and some fun new ones to check out! :o)


So if my stomach ever stops hurting from the massive laughter that I've been doing after reading Shaunte's blog esp w/ Ponica, I'll visit the rest of them - MAJOR lol!!!!!


Laura, I didn't even this blog entry of your until tonight. I'm finally setting up google reader and when I put your blog link in (first of course)this entry came up. I've seen Sasha's work a lot on 2peas and now I've found her blog. yeah!

Robyn W.

You are the sweetest Laura - thank you girl! Huge hugs! :) :)

Susan Todd

hey girl! I haven't commented in a while so I thought I would say thanks for the great blogs! I just added them to my blog reader, so I am good to go! thanks for the recent layouts - going right into your folder! :)

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