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August 11, 2008



OMG Laura!! I can't believe that happened with the pan...are you OK? Are you hurt?I'm sorry...you really did have a bad day. I don't understand how that glass broke like that.
And why would the officer pick on someone who lives there? He could easily look up his license plate before he pointed the finger at him. Crazy-ness I tell ya...we have the same thing recently...some break ins in our little quiet neighborhood, in the middle of the night when people were home. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Just take it easy tonight and hope for a better Tuesday.


What a CRAZY day!! Are you OK?? Was the dish Pyrex? I thought that was oven safe (don't know about the broiler though). As long as you're ok & no one else got hurt the rest doesn't matter (too much).

That's freaky that the cop would go back & harrass Joe like that. Seriously, what a crazy day. Hope tomorrow is better & the girls have a good time at school.


OK, crazy day! Cops are crazy these days I think! I got pulled over last month because the cop thought I was on my cell phone- and I wasn't! My kids were telling him, "she wasn't on the cell phone. We are honest people." I remembered my camera, but was in such a hurry, they are probably awful!


OMG what a day!! I so hope you are ok! That glas must have hurt and I hope you didn't get burned as well. I can't even imagine that happening and during what you obviously planned as a special first day of school yummy dinner - geesh!! And what's the deal w/ the cop!?!?!?! Hope your Tuesday is MUCH better than your Monday!


WOW! What an evening! Are you OK? Did you get cut up?? I cook in my glass pans all the time! I never heard you shouldn't cook over 350!!! Oops!!!That's pretty funny about the police incident! We could use some patrolling around here!
Hope tomorrow is not as eventful!! :-)

Sasha Farina

OMG Laura... that is so freaky. I'm so glad you're okay. We had that sort of thing happened a few years ago and it was in the morning of Xmas (our type of xmas!)! *hugs*

Shaun Paddock

I guess the old saying "When it rains it pours" is true. I am so thankful that you were not hurt. I think I will stop cooking in my glass pan. Oh wait, I don't cook, I guess I don't need to worry about that. LOL.
Cannot wait to see the layouts you must make about this crazy day.
Tomorrow will be much better!
Have a groovy week!
Love and God bless,


What an awful accident. I hope you are OK and that you'll not find any little pieces.


Only freaky things happen to you - but the way you tell them is so comical for us! You make me laugh out loud each time I read something of yours. Thank you for that!

Heather Crawford

Holy moly, Laura..I HATE it when glass breaks in my house..I'm always obsessing there's more on the floor and someone is going to step on it..bet you were too with all those little ones at your house! Glad everyone was ok..and weird about your husband? I think you guys were in the Twilight Zone yesterday!


My goodness Laura that is freaky and it stinks. That is the type of luck I usually have. Glad you are okay and sorry about the dinner lost.
Would you share your recipe for your gravy and london broil?- I have never cooked london broil in the oven- always on the grill but would love to try it in the oven during the cold months here.


wow, that WAS a crazy night! i've never tried to cook london broil but it sounds good even at 8:03 in the morning! don't ya love the "mom" talks? when i'm on the phone getting one i just stand there and roll my eyes the entire time! ugh! and i think the officer may have been jumping the gun just a teenie bit, don't you think?

Laura T.

OH MY GOSH!!! First of all, are you ok? Glass in your skin??? That dinner sure sounded like it was going to be yummy!

So what did you wind up having for dinner? Anything good?

And, it's nice to know that the neighborhood cops are watching your street. What a funny story about Joe.

Alicia King

wow...that's amazing that all these years that never had happened until NOW!? doesn't make sense to me! Lucky girl!

candi tardio

OMG laura....what a mess...glad to hear that you are ok!!! i couldn't even imagine that mess...plus cleaning it up!!!

candi tardio

OMG laura...what a mess...glad you are ok!
i couldn't even imagine!


Wow that is just crazy! I had a dish explode in the fridge a few months ago. I made this fabulous wonderful great potato salad and had to leave so I tossed it in the fridge and came back to a big mess.

That cop thing is just wacky...yikes.


Oh man! What a Day!!! I've never broiled using glass but I definitely have baked using it. How strange it exploded. Sounds like the time one of my pampered chef roaster pans burst into a trillion pieces. Not fun.
And, what's up with the cop?!!! Geesh!


Sounds like it was just not your night or Joe's for that matter.



What a crazy day!!!!! I hope the
rest of the week is much better.

Sandi N.

Brenda Hurd

holy cow - sounds like you had a crazy day. Hopefully it ended with something yummy in your tummy!! I have had that happen to me before but luckily it wasn't messy - other than the thousands of pieces of glass - but i had touched to hot pan down on something cold. My bad i guess!


Was your dish Pyrex?
I guess it is quite a common thing. I remember reading it somewhere. You can google exploding pyrex and get a bunch of stories just like yours.
I haven't had it happen....yet....;)

As for the cop. That is borderline harrassment, IMO. Joe was way nice.

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