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August 04, 2008



Can't wait to hear about your trip! Glad you're back! I should be cleaning & packing for our getaway but I'll just wait till it gets closer. I get more done under pressure!

CUTE pic of Nikolas! Guess you can say he's a typical boy!

danni perez

that is hilarious.
we have that same toy and my son did the exact same thing. such boys!
can't wait to see your pics. where did you go?

kristan martin

It's a good thing your back...I was starting to have Laura Vegas withdrawals!


Gosh ... doesn't he look so pleased with himself?!! lol

Hope you had a great weekend away and you get caught up quickly now that you are back. :)

Heather Crawford

Glad you're back! Uggh, hate the getting home and getting back organized part...

ok,now I must eat that baby boy up...man he's cute!


Hey! Saw an ad for Making Memories that had your layout on it! You lucky girl you!!!


LOL! King Kong watch out!! What a cutie!


He sure is proud of himself - lol!!! And who couldn't love that smile :)

Hope you had a great time, can't wait to see more pics.


welcome back. i checked out the new target. fantastic. they had all the halloween scrapbooking stuff. woo hoo.

Sasha Farina

how cute is he??!! can't wait for your pictures Laura! Missed you too :)

Kim Fifield

Must be such a boy thing! My son does the exact same sort of thing (don't remember my daughter doing it at all). I cringe everytime I take him to daycare with new bumps and bruises! LOL! Hope you had a fantastic break.

Lynn G

So glad you're back Laura! I was missing my daily dose of your blog! LOL

Unpacking is the worst part of a trip - takes me twice as long to put everything back where it belongs as it did to get it packed in the first place!


Glad you got to get away and relax! It's so nice now that the kids (your own) are older and can entertain themselves, isn't it? That picture is hillarious- whatta ham!

Alicia King

that is so cute...little daring boy!

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