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August 10, 2008



I love this collage look Laura...yes, its nice to have someone do the work for you, leaves you more time to scrap!! TFS...glad you shared a LO with us!
And you posted on Sat and Sun...woo hoo!


I love this layout. Thanks for sharing the templates too. gotta give that a try.
Great photos of you jumping in the river. Wow and look at "Grammy" jumpin' in! Awesome!
Thanks for sharing these! I love the photos of Miranda too. Is she ever adorable! And, I could simply not get over how much OLDER haley is. (did i get that name right...I'm going on memory here, which isn't saying much! lol)

Heather Crawford

Yay, was wondering when you were going to post this!! hee hee! It turned out great!


Now I've REALLY got to figure out those templates! I LOVE the look on the LO! Might even use it for pics of our trip.....


Thanks for all of the collage info! I had seen those a few weeks ago, and was overwhelmed by it, but I watched the video, and I think I can do it! Cute layout and great pics- I think a jumpin the river layout is coming soon! Have a good week- my summer is o-vah!


Very cute - just like the title! I'll have to check out those links you left us - thanks. Lovin' the blue lace cardstock!!!


Yaaaa...I can't wait to try out the templates!
Your layout is beautiful! The collage look seems to be very popular now and I am lovin' it! I think it is really eye catching.
I also love what you did with the tag, I think I am tag challenged! LOL I never have a clue what to do with them other than a date!

Sasha Farina

i am tag challenged like Christine! LOL :D you're always so inspiring Laura!

Laura T.

Love the layout - I'm going to see if I can download the templates. Sometimes I have a hard time downloading files at the office.


LOVE how you used that ki paper!!!

Lynn G

Oh I was just playing with those templates this weekend! I love them and think it's such a great way to showcase lots of pics on one page like you did with this little cutie! I love the KI Lace too - that stuff is one of my favorites!



Oh my!!! I can not wait to load these tonight and play with them. Costco is going to love me. LOL

Your layout looks great, love the paper and extras you added to pull it all together. It looks well thought out:)

Thanks for sharing this site and your tips!!! I might just finish an album in less than a year:)

Sandi N.

Robyn Longhurst

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing these templates. I tried them a while back and didn't know Photoshop at all then. I'm more 'informed' now and can't wait to put some layouts together using these.
Thanks again!


I love this layout! So pretty! I'll have to try downloading that template.

Raewyn A

thank you for sharing all your lovely layouts Laura, and also the links for the templates and video. I don't seem to be able to download the video, any ideas what programs I am missing to enable this? I have the latest version of Flash Player but still no luck.

Thank you, Raewyn downunder NZ


Great layout Laura!


cute page! Love the use of the templates! :)

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