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August 24, 2008



ohh she is so adorable... Can't wait to see your result of scrapping:)
Regards from Denmark:)


It is so wonderful to have willing, obedient children that will pose at the drop of a hat for us crazy scrapbookers/photographers. She is beautiful! Now Im off for the first day of school - yipee!



Your photos turned out so nice! So funny my DD has the same shirt and loves it. She is eight will be nine in Nov. I need to take a photo and send it to you. She kind of looks like Sarah too.

I look forward to seeing these photos in a layout or on a project. Speaking of projects try and make it over to the Hero Arts blog. www.heroarts.com click blog. They are making different types of books this week.

Happy Scrapping
Sandi N.

wendy sue

These are such sweet photos, Laura! My kids aren't as cooperative as they used to be...I wish I was talented enough to get such perfect shots in a few minutes!

Hey, I haven't been here in a while(shame on me), but I see you have a new blog banner...it's so fun - I love it!!! :o)


Good Morning Laura! LOVE those photos!! She is beautiful! thanks for sharing
Kathy F

Sasha Farina

speaking of which.. i have to pass on the awards too.. LOL.. great pics there. she is a beauty!


She has such a beautiful smile! Hey we Moms with cameras and paper to play with will take what we can get- and it only took 5 minutes to get your shots? Man you are good!

Laura T.

Love the pictures -- you're lucky that they are so cooperative -- what's five minutes of time anyway, right?


Your photos look great! I wish I could ask Sadie to pose for photos!! LOL!

Heather Crawford

hee hee..yep, I've been in those positions before where I'm tearing down weeds and stuff..you must have been shooting with your 85mm..darn lens, you have to back up sooo far...can't wait to get a 50mm 1.4...these turned out great! and Chaz has learned too that if he gives me what I want, we're done...he'll run out and strike a pose for me..now bailey, another story...
and too funny about matching your papers! I'm not above staging pictures to do that! :)

Candi Tardio

what a cutie :)
great photos!!!!!
like the new banner too!!!

Candi Tardio

forgot 2 ask u....no new armywives this week??? is the season over???

Lisa D

LOVE these newest photos of Sarah. Too cute, and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Do your girls ever take bad photos? I dont think so!
Also am liking the newest banner. Very cute!

Brenda Hurd

could your girls get any cuter!! I swear - they are beautiful - see 5 minutes - that isn't so bad is it? Tell that to 2 boys and i don't get that reaction! Its torture - and i can't catch my 2 year old for the life of me.......


Beautiful Laura!! Sarah has such beautiful eyes and a pretty smile! Gorgeous!!

Lynn G

LOVE these pics Laura! She is so beautiful!

Can I ask what camera/lens/settings you used? As an aspiring shutterbug I'm always curious about stuff like that. Also how you edit your photos? Thanks girl! Inspiring stuff as always!

Alicia King

she is very beautiful Laura! can't wait to see the layouts! ;)


What a cute model! Love your pics! :-) I'm sure the layouts be awesome as well!


S is too cute - love that shirt! Can't wait to see the lo you are doing w/ these :)

Shaun Paddock

Boy, you are going to be in so much trouble in a year or two. Every boy in town is going to be crushing on your two BEAUTIFUL girls. Great photos. I love the outfit. I hope you have a groovy Tuesday.
Love and God bless,

Nicole Q.

Could she BE any cuter!?!
Great photos!


Awwwwww she looks so beautiful! Fabulous photographs Laura. Can't wait to see the eyecandy you create when you can share ;)

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