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August 20, 2008



ROFL, you sound like me, my dear. If I don't have something to share, I just don't feel right...lol!

Of course, this layouts just rock, as usual!

Tagged ya! ;)

erin yamabe

hi laura!
you've got wonderful style, even from 2 yrs ago!
found your blog via krista. met you once at the garage.


Wow, your pages from a couple of years ago are so awesome! A bit like I scrap now, lol! I especially love 'Cake' - how adorable, and I love that white space. And that is why I only blog 2 or 3 times a week, 'cos I don't have anything to show otherwise!


Oh Laura! Your style is always inspiring! Love all the LO's! It's fun to see how much the girls have changed through the years.

It's good to know that there are others out there that "save" supplies for a "good" LO!! LOL!!!


Laura, when I look back over my photos from two years ago, I see that my scrapbooking abilities have changed so much in to what I actually do today - I could NEVER share mine, because they are so lame. Your style is so unique (in a great way) and your ideas spark new ideas for me. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to many, many more. :)

kristan martin

Hey Laura, these are totally awesome and they DO represent your current style. I like the inking, it adds something. I love all the pictures too, especially the last ones in black and white, those are really great!

Sasha Farina

those are so pretty Laura, and besides the inking, they're still very recognizable (did i spell that right?) as yours! Love them too!


You are so talented - these are great!!! Love all the bright colors - adds so much excitment to the photos. They are all so cute, I can see why you used them multiple times!


Love these layouts Laura! I think the one with Scenic Route stuff should definitely have qualified you for their DT. Love it! The photos are ALL fab -- love seeing the ones of Sarah on her 1st bday! Too adorable! Thanks for sharing these today! It's ALWAYS a treat seeing your layouts.

Megan Cristello

2 years ago..and they are just as fabulous as todays..guess you were always a superstar...


Laura T.

It doesn't matter how old the layouts are by you - I'm sure even your very FIRST layouts were awesome.

I love the expressions on Sarah's face in the third layout.

Alicia King

so fun to look at! I need to look at your little portfolio in the sidebar now! love the cake one the most! I tried for SR DT too...I think that was a couple years ago!



These are still so very cute!!!! Your style is amazing. I love your color and balance. The layout "4 reasons to smile" is very touching. If you do not mind I would like to use this title on a layout for my DD's?

Sandi N.


Oh my goodnes Laura! I really, really love these so much! I especially love the first one, its a good LO for 3, 4x6 photos and I'm looking for ideas for my Kindergarten pics...hmmm. May have to lift this!!
On that last LO, is that green PP SR? Cause I love green dotted paper, I think I had that but used it up!


Hey! I am so glad you shared these. So fun to look at layouts from a couple of years ago, and you know that you are doing something exactly right when you still love them!

Lynn G

Love these layouts Laura! I love how you've stayed true to your style through the years. And those pics are just fantastic esp the crazy cute pig tails in the last layout - ADORABLE!

p.s. "wingnut" is a new word for me - never heard of it! hee hee!

Caryl Faith


I'm Caryl Faith from the Philippines. I just want to say that I'm a big fun of your work. I love visiting your blog for inspiration. Hope you don't mind if i scraplift some of your LOs.

best regards,


Love the LO on your blog!


These are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


those are great! It's fun to look back at the styles. I'm right there with you on the "too special too use" theory. Made me laugh. The common denominator of my old lo's? HUGE journaling. Like almost 1/2 the page worth of the story. Now, not so much, but I love to reread them, so I'm gonna have to revisit that again


Love your style. Saw you listed on Jen McGuire's blog.


i love love LOVE that bottom pic of her. cracks me up something serious. :D

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