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August 05, 2008



Wow! Lots of great pics there laura! The girls jumping off the rocks really looks so high...great action shots. There are so many rocks...gosh!! I can't believe you got stung, that is too crazy!
I'm glad you had a nice relaxing weekend! I love cards too, but no one else I know likes it, so solitare is a great game for me. Love it!


Hi Laura! Wow, looks like you had a great weekend away, love all those pictures, great shots you took! I agree with you, it's nice to get away for a few days, but nice to come home to your own bed, tv, computer etc! We leave on friday to a lake about 40 mins from here for 9 days in our camper. I know we'll have fun but I know that 9 days with all the cousins, etc. we'll be glad to be home.

take care,
Kathy F


Great photos Laura! Love them all. Brought back memories of when I was a kid and jumping into the quarry back in NY. Ahhh...I'd NEVER be brave enough to do it now! Great pic of Nikolas yesterday, too! OMG is he ever funny!

Lynn G

Great pics Laura! Looks like the girls had a blast! You are one brave mama to let them jump off those rocks and what GREAT pictures! Glad you enjoyed the time with your family.



It is great to reconnect with the family over a long weekend together. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Sorry to hear of your run in with the bee. I really hate bee stings. I was on a ladder climbing up to the hay loft when a large wood bee stung me. They are as big around as your thumb. I was about 9 at the time. I was raised on a large farm. Hard life, but good times too.

I hope your leg is feeling better soon. Benadryl has a anti-itch spray on.

Sandi N.


what great jump shots! wish someone had pics of me doing that kind of stuff before I got so old that the very thought of doing it causes me to hurt


WOW - fantastic pics of the girls jumping!! Looks like tons of fun. It's usually so peaceful up there so you must have a great spot that plenty of people know about-I have a thought about how to keep people out but I'm afraid to say-lol!!!

Glad you had a great time with your family - that's the best :)

Robyn Longhurst

Hey Laura,
New to your blog and just want you to know that it is a breath of fresh air!! I recognize your cute work from the magazines, and it is so fun to look at lots of your layouts in one place. Thanks for sharing your talents. I've found lots of ideas to get me back into scrapping.


How can you say those aren't great pics?? I LOVE them! THe girls jumping off the rocks? OMG!! My heart would be in my throat! It's great that they're brave like that. I'm a total wuss!

Looks like a fun trip. Ummm what would it take to get you to post a pic of you jumping off the rocks?? Starbucks??


Wow, great photo's. That smile in the first one.........lol. And the girls are very cool with jumping of those huge rocks. I'm not a grandma and I wouldn't do it.
Love your story, nice written.


Laura T.

Great pictures ---- oh my gosh do the girls look close to the rocks.

I love cards games (dice games as well). Rummy is one of my favorite games - love to play with my mom.

Shaun Paddock

It sounds like you had a great three days. Boy, that jump looks high! I am not sure I could do it either. The photos are awesome and I am sorry you got in a tangle with a bee. Glad you are back, I miss your blogging.
Love and God bless,

Kim Rose

Hey Laura!
I am new to your blog as well. I agree with Robyn. Love the ideas!
I will be back often!

Alicia King

very awesome pictures~that is one cool property! love the girls jumping off the rock cliffs-they sure are brave! I wouldn't dare do that, just float the river if it was waist high! I'm a wimp, when it comes to water! looks like you and your family had a great time!

Debbie Cook

that sounds like fun! i wish my family had some traditions like that! the rock jump pictures are awesome! and i'd be jsut like you...getting stung with only half my body in the water! :P

Sasha Farina

that looks super fun!!! if I'm there.. i'll be with you wading the water mid thigh.. LOL.. not a big jumper here :D


Fantastic pictures on the rocks, Laura! That is some amazing property. Looks like you had a great and adventuresome time. That is AWESOME that your mom jumps off those rocks!

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