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August 18, 2008


Susan D.

love love love the hills...army wives was good...i watched first season, but it was hard because i was a MARINE wife...and well...enough said...can't wait to see your new stuff. you should have melted the crayons down like sara did...next time.;0)


okay so glad to know that I am not the only reality show indulger- why at 34 I love the hills I do not know but hey it is my guilty pleasure as well.
I too must have thrown away hundreds of crayons this past weekend along with other misc stuff- maybe it is the start of school that has me on one of my organization/ purging binges. Charity Clothing is getting a load of stuff this Saturday.


Love your random posts! I look forward to the girls going back to school too, if only for the routine. We're so off schedule here it's not funny! I need to purge too-once they're back in school!!

So how do you entertain the kids? What kind of show? I'm picturing you dancing around the house singing....

Sasha Farina

:D i want a video of you entertaining the kids, is that pushing my luck? Hahaha!

kristan martin

I think your random posts are cool and I may have to copy your idea sometime! I often have nothing of value to post but still should record daily happenings so years later when my kids are looking at my blog in print, they'll remember the daily goings on's because those little details of everyday life are important.

Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Laura T.

Love these kind of posts from you --- we get to see what is really going on in your life at the present time -- just like we are there with you through it all.


Looking forward to seeing your layouts and photo's.

Back to school for us on Monday. I hope to be sharing more too.

Sandi N.


Love the randomness :-)
And I have designed and put together quite a few layouts that had no photos. Added them later.
Thought I might have been the only one that ever did that - LOL!!

Alicia King

great random post Laura! wow! that is a lot of crayons and markers! I am changing my life around so that I can fufill my dream and scrapbook everyday like you! ;)


Enjoyed reading your randomness and cracking up that you used the 'that's how I roll' line - too funny!!! Been scrappin too - isn't it great when you get in the groove ~ looking forward to when you can share some more.

Lynn G

you are hysterical girl! love the random thoughts esp because i can relate to quite a few of them. just threw out tons of markers here as well. of course i'm a nut and went through and made sure we had 2 of each color (one for each boy) and then dumped the rest. purged my inbox as well (scared i trashed an important message in the process too) and of course i watched "the hills" premiere last night as well. i'm a self-confessed reality tv show junkie! :)


Another Hills fan...glad there are more of us 30somethings out there that like it! :-) Also a big fan of Big Brother!Hope all is well...glad to be back on a schedul around here, too...even "gladder" to only be part time this year! :-)


Love your post girl.. and your work.


Can't remember if I congratulated Alyssa on being selected as an LIT, so CONGRATS! Amanda was hoping to be selected, but not so lucky, so, I've gone from three in AWANA to none. Really cuts into my Weds. date night with John:( I've been chucking old markers and crayons, too. I think those sneaky dull, broken crayons multiply in the pencil boxes! But, I do love a brand new box of Crayolla 64's! What do you do with your girls' numerous art projects? I've got millions of them, seriously. It kills me to throw out projects I know they've poured theirs hearts and souls into, but I have WAY too many. Will appreciate your suggestions.


Random is the way our brains work, hey? I think so anyway! I've never seen "the hills." I might have to check that out. I am treating myself to some TV at my mom's! LOL! She's got cable and we used to have peasant television, but now we just have movie TV (i.e., a TV just for movies)...I laughed at Joe's junk drawer. Oh yes, we have one too. I'm not sure if there are any receipts from 1996. Usually, it's random bits of electrical wiring material, etc. from the resident electrician (Derrick)...about your projects - I can't wait to see them!!! I just saw a layout and a card of yours in the summer issues of ST and Cards. Cuteness!

Candi Tardio

i have never watched the hills...it must be good because i have a few friends that watch it too ;)
wonder if its too late to start????
armywives was good again this week!


You are so good at Randomness posts, I don't have the patience for them but I love reading yours!! And don't you love all that decluttering. I try to do it when I can!

Brenda Hurd

i am so mad i missed the hills - but i did watch Army wives -love that one. Love your randomness - i need to do that more maybe my blog would get updated more often!

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