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August 09, 2008



LOL!!! These are great. Thanks for posting these, so much fun. I was wondering why you were all clothed. Makes sense! Your numbers may be down cause you never blog on the weekends.

Lynn G

LOL! Those are great pics Laura! Kinda glad I stopped by here on a whim this weekend ... those pics were totally worth it! LOL!

Krista Lund

I'm around this weekend! Good thing, too because I got to see your awesome rock jumping pics!!! :)


ahh, but im still here. lol. looks like a lot of fun. expo was fantastic, no after shopping though. take care.

kristan martin

Lucky me, I'm around to check your blog!

danni perez

omg, that looks so scary!
i am so afraid of heights.
but i bet it was fun.
p.s. loved how yall numbered the rocks.

Shaun Paddock

I'm here this weekend. I was not kidding when I told you that I read your blog ever single night.
Great photos! You should be proud that you have kept these memories. I am very impressed that you made these jumps. I don't think I could have ever done it.
Have a groovy weekend.


Ha! I'm still here...lovin' your photos! Wow, that looks scary...and fun! Thanks for sharing!!! Hope all is well! We're gearing up for school here...my baby is going to kinder!!!!


omg.. thats awsome.. I'm a chicken so I don't do things like that *LOL*
And what an awsome grammy you have, say hello to her and "she rocks" :)
And I'm looking at your blog everyday so I'll always be here at weekends too:)


Oooohhhh...so scary!! Looks awesome though, and I wish you could send some of that lovely-looking summer weather down our way..plenty of rain and frost at the moment here in New Zealand!

Megan Renfree

Well I'm here!! Thats the great think about bloglines..you can't escape me!! Anywhoo, I think the photos are fabs!! Thats a totally gutsy thing to do. Not sure I would have it in me now i'm old :o)


Laura, that looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing. You crack me up!

Cherri Engle

Oh, we see them alright. Thanks for loading those pics. It looks like you are having a blast. We have pics of our own jumping off of high rocks here in Western North Carolina, but one does not exist of me doing it. I am pround that you did it. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Sasha Farina

wow... wow laura!! just WOW>. that is SO HIGH! *shivers* LOL...


WOW!! Those are amazing - what awesome pics to have ~ and proof - lol! I would have done that 14 years ago but probably not now - I would worry about everything that may happen or could go wrong - haha! What a shot of grammy too - no fear! Thanks for sharing.


Too funny Laura and now I know for sure you are braver than me LOL! Great that you have pictures that captured this great memory for you.


Amazing what we're capable of when we're young, huh? I definitely would have jumped off anytime before I was 40..now, at 44 with 2 little boys...umm, I'm afraid to admit that rollercoasters get under my skin and I just sit by the sidelines...I thought that having kids later on in life is supposed to keep you young? Those 2 little hooligans have aged me!!


I am here this weekend also! Wow, great pic's looks like fun. Have a great weekend!


go mom(s)!!! :D

and wishful thinking on the wknd viewing thing . . . i always go back and check previous posts if i haven't been around in a few days. :D


Awesome jumping pics! Guess again- there are plenty of us around to check your blog out- of course google reader does all the work for me- HAHA!

Erika Follansbee

WOW!! What great pictures, a family treasure. You're all a bunch of daredevils! :)

Heather Crawford

Actually, I saw this last night too, but was too tired to comment..so yes, there are people on the computer on the weekend...ok, these pictures are amazing and in my younger years, I would have been all over the jumping, but now that I'm older..ummm, I would probably chicken out...I used to be the biggest thrill seeker, but I'm over that..lol...go Grammy, that rocks that she does that!


I see you were trying to be sneaky about sharing these pics!! I think they are really really COOL! Love the group jump AND your mom jumping!


Laura, you apparently have NO FEAR! That one of grammy is CRAZY!

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