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August 22, 2008


kristan martin

those banner's are tough aren't they? I just made a new one myself and it took me FOR-EVER!!!! It took me a long time to even figure out on typepad where to upload it too. I had completely forgotten from last time and none of the steps even looked familiar. Anyway, I love the flowers on yours, those are too cute. Then again, everything you do is cute. blahh...


Love the new banner! I think it's my favorite so far.


Hey, did I ever send you the link with all the fantastic FREE fonts? And they'll even make a font of your very own handwriting (for FREE) if you like!


oh...the reason I mentioned that font site is because your title reminded me of a font I saw there!


I like the new banner and you will figure it out- sometimes you just have to walk away and when you come back to it the fix is so simple- lol.
oh and thanks to Linda up above for posting that link- I am off to check it out.


Hey, its been awhile since I have been on (life has been insane). One question....when do you sleep girlfriend (lol)?


Love the new look Laura and love the LO...those pics are just priceless!!

Lynn G

Lovin' the new banner - kinda has fall hues in it! Perfect for the upcoming change of season! I saw that layout in the Scrapooks Etc Page Planner issue and loved it then and love it now! You always do such fabulous work!


Your banner is too cute and so is the layout. Did you return the "out for publications" on 2Peas too?


Laura, love the new banner - very cute. We're drying out here in Jacksonville after Fay left us a tremendous amount of water and no electricity for more than 24 hours. Glad to be back among the "living".

Krista L

love the new banner- reminds me that i should update mine. i've browsed through SBE's page planner mag, but haven't had time to really get into it. love your LO though :)


Hi Laura,
I LOVE your new banner. Didn't even notice that it had cut off until you mentioned it. Looks like it's supposed to be that way since it's cut off on both sides. Besides, isn't that what they want us to do for stamping and scrapbooking? So why not banners too? Btw, thanks for remembering to put the "out for publication" stuff back in. Can't wait to see them!

Heather Ruwe

I LOVE that LO. Congrats on the publication! I also love the new look on the blog....I am not brave enough to redo mine! :) Thanks for the share.



I did not see the layout, however I am enjoying it on your blog. Great photos' too. Your colors rock!!!

I like the new banner did not noticed it was cut off on the sides. LOL...details get lost on me sometimes. You do a wonderful job on your blog. I stop by twice a day. I am going to go look for the new pub stuff:)

I am in a full blown tackle of my house. I have "misplaced" a 30.00 coupon for scrapbook supplies. I put things in "safe keeping" and forget were it was in hiding. I am one of those kind of people that will not give up when I do something this stupid.

Sandi N.


terrific page & banner laura!!

danni perez

hey girlie,
cute lo.
i can't make one to save my life.that is why my friend did it for me.lol
but, good job.maybe someday i will learn.
cute lo too!;0)

Laura T.

Of course I recognize that layout --- LOVE IT. And I see Making Memories Ad layout in every scrapbook magazine I open - Congratulations.

LOVE your new banner - you may just need to make the length of the banner shorter (probably 12 or 13" to get it to fit).


The lo is too cute!

I LOVE your new banner - hint of fall colors in a fun contemporary way - it rocks!

Sasha Farina

I have Page Planner, only still have no time to go through it yet!!! Now I must knowing that your LO is in there :) Congrats laura!


I love your new banner - those little flowers are so cute! I did see this layout in Scrapbooks Etc. Very cute, and I love how you lifted the design but still managed to make it yours. I recognized your work even before I saw your name with it!

Alicia King

I meant to comment on that layout back in June...when I picked up my copy of that book! I love it too, the pics the colors everything! great balance! love the banner, very fun! I use a width of 880 on my banners...if that helps!

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