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September 29, 2008


Heather Crawford

oooooo, love BOTH of your layouts...I've been "that close" to ordering that lined rollar and that number rollar..lol...love the colors you used and such fun pictures!


Laura! Totally LOVE your bright vibrant page, and you used crackle paint! I have some and I still need to figure out how to incorporate it...I've been meaning to post I saw your layout in Celebrate the Holidays, it's great! I was REALLY excited because I'm on pages 69-71, I was so honored to be in a book with such talented girls! Keep the inspiration coming, I LOVE it! :)

Sara Rossi

Love the challenge & BOTH LO's!! So cool to "play" with the same things yet have totally different looks!


These are BOTH so cool! Love them! Love the colors and the stamping and the photo strip (I am so linear, it isn't even funny!) and it is so fun to see how different your layouts look even though you used a lot of the same stuff! Your styles really shine through!



This was a great idea to have a challege using the same items. I really enjoyed seeing how you both used these colors and items Funny you both picked the same SU dot stamp...LOL Good minds think a like. I love both of your styles right down to the string. I have been using this goodness over and over again. Jennifer turned me on to the string and I have not looked back.

Thanks for sharing both your talent with us!!!

Sandi N.


This is so cool - I love looking at two different perspectives on the same supplies! Both of you rocked it - two VERY fun lo's!!

danni perez

both of these are ohh so adorable.
so fun.


Love the layouts!!!! Wow, please let me know when you are teaching a class again...I need to come a. meet you b. learn from you! :-)
Hope you have recovered from your wild weekend!


So cute Laura and Nichol! Love the colors too and you both worked those rollers
stamps well.
And Sarah makes the funniest faces! What a riot!


WOW they are both awesome LOs, what a neat challenge to do- Yes do more of them! So great to see what you both come up with.

Lynn Ghahary

Ooooh! What a fun idea! Love both layouts! And I have been drooling over that dotted line roller in the SU! catalog and I think I may just have to buy one now. How'd you like that cyber enabling?!? LOL


ok, I'm a dork, but what's twitter and what's the deal with the rubberband/police pissed story?

Shaun Paddock

I LOVE your layout. It is simply amazing. I so envy your talent.
Have a groovy week.


very cool! i love both your layouts! so many techniques that i got to try, especially the pop dots with the photo strip.

Sasha Farina

I'm so glad I don't have to pick one layout to call my favorite! I love them both! To-bits!!!

michelle lanning

Love both of these -- the colors are just beautiful!


Adorable layouts both of them but I wouldn't expect anything less from two of my favourite scrapbookers ;-)

Heather Ruwe

Those layouts are so fun! I must get the rolling stamp now. :) Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Mackey

love the birthday layout(and the cake!)

Nichol Magouirk

Hey Laura!
I love the close up photos of the flowers, it really shows the great texture of the crackle paint...yummy!
This was such a fun challenge and we most definitely will have to do this again! I feel so inspired now... :)

Laura T.

And I think I got to see this layout before anyone else (this is the one you forwarded to me the other day).

Love your layout and also love Nichol's. I'm going to check out her website as we speak.

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