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September 10, 2008


wendy sue

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's amazing!!! :o)

danni perez

congrats girl.
what ever it is.lol
i am sure it will be something fun.can't wait to find out.
p.s. back from vegas


Congratulation!! Can't wait to see what you will be doing with MM. I know it will be great!


ooooh, very interesting. whatever could it be? you are always so busy. congrats to you for whatever it is. lol.

Heather Crawford

hmmmmm, very curious...I'm thinking something to do with home decor too...

Krista Lund

i posted my guess...can't wait for the BIG reveal!


OK, I guessed home decorating too. When do we find out??


cool! an ideabook! is what i'm hoping! :D

Sara Rossi

Can't wait to hear what it is!




Tell us Laura, pretty please??? When do we find out???

Pamela Knopf

My hope and wish is that I somehow, someday, get to take classes in person with you. Hey, I think just hanging with you would be a blast!! You and I are cut from a similar mold, lol. If I could take a class/classes from you, that would be like Christmas to me!


I scoward your blog looking for clues and I got nothin, you are no help at all!! LOL
I am very excited, I cannot wait to find out!!!

With your creatie minds there is no telling what you came up with. I really do hope it is not digital, I have been doing that off an on for awhile and I just don't enjoy it very much, give me some paper, ribbon and a tape runner and stand back!

Heather Ruwe

Congrats Laura!
I gave you an award on my blog today. :)


That is so awesome, Laura! MM is so great to work with. :) They are lucky to have you.

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